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Bliss Bits Tips | Bringing Home Your Puppy

French bulldog puppies

Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a BIG DEAL! If this is your first puppy your breeder/rescue group/shelter probably gave you a ton of info. If not, we'll get you started.

This info is my down-and-dirty gathering of info for you as you look down at that adorable face and think, "What Do I DO???"

cane corso puppy

Shopping List for New Puppy

Food & Water Bowls - invest in ceramic or stainless and buy bowls for their adult size (you'll thank me)

Water System - There are a lot fo automatic watering systems from water in a pop bottle turned upside down to elaborate aerating fountains. They all give the dog water, so you do you. Just be sure your dog has fresh water at ALL times.

Food - Again, we defer to whomever you got your puppy from as to what to start them on. If it is not the food you prefer, buy one small bag of current food and a bag of the food you choose to feed and mix it together, using a bit more of the new food every day until you are at 100% new food.

Collar & Leash - If your puppy has a lot of growing to do buy an inexpensive collar until your dog reaches maturity. Then snag the collar of your dreams. If your puppy is close to the size they will be, pick a good collar that is suitable for their size and coat type. For example, dogs with thick coats do well with a rolled leather collar so it doesn't break their coats.

Toys - All puppies need something to play with. I always start my puppies out with one or two fleece, soft, snuggly toys and any of the Nylabone puppy items. The keys, the dinosaurs and wish bones are a hit with every dog I've ever had. If you have toys in every room you'll be able to divert your puppy from checking kitchen cabinet corners, your fave shoes (they go from highest price to lowest when selecting what to destroy) or contents of your SOs handbag or backpack.

This is just a nibbler of an article...more soon. My puppy needs a play break.

basset puppy with toys