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The Blissful Dog Blissful Bonus Bucks

the blissful dog bonus bucks rewards

The Blissful Dog Bonus Bucks ฿฿$ | Save $ + Give Back + Have Fun

The Blissful Dog Bonus Bucks ฿฿$ rewards program was created to give back to YOU, our loyal customers. Our goal was to create a program you would benefit from, enjoy using and be proud to share. Plus, we've added the option of your being able to donate points to one of our rescue partners. We will also match every point donated to charity. Here is More Info.

Current Customers! Log-in to your account and then, if you have already liked us on Facebook, followed us on Instagram and/or Twitter click on that icon in the widget to the right and you will get those points. 

the blissful dog rewards program

There are three main components of The Blissful Dog Bonus Bucks ฿฿$ Program.

#1 Join | #2 Earn Points | #3 Spend or Donate Points

It really is that simple. Join, Earn Points, Spend/Donate Points. Plus, to be able to offer more benefits, freebies and fun, we also have the opportunity for you to attain levels of Bliss or Tiers, all the scoop on that here.

Earning Blissful Bonus Bucks

Like most reward programs, you do certain things (join/like/share/shop) to get points (฿฿$ aka points) which you can then spend or donate. 

Overview of How to Earn ฿฿$

  • 500 ฿฿$ When you sign-up for Blissful Dog Bonus Bucks Program
  • 10 -20 ฿฿$ for every $1 spent shopping here at
  • 500 ฿฿$ per Review
  • 1000 ฿฿$ Refer a Friend Who Purchases (You get 1000 ฿฿$ after they purchase
  • 500 ฿฿$ each to Like/Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • 500 ฿฿$ Your Dog's Birthday*
  • Double Dog Dare 2X Points Events will be announced via email & socials
Register for Account


After you sign-up for an account, you are automatically logged-in on the program to the right (it's the teal box) >>>>

If you already have a The Blissful Dog account sign-in on the widget/teal box to the right to activate your Blissful Bonus Bucks >>>>

happy pug

Spending Your Blissful Dog Bonus Bucks aka ฿฿$

  • Redeem your ฿฿$ via the widget and your discount is applied
  • Donate points to one of our dog charities - Info here
  • Plus, points propel you to the next Levels of Bliss. Points accrue, so even if you spend points, they are still counted toward moving on up to total Bliss-dom.
Register for Account

The VIP Three Levels of Bliss

We were not satisfied with just giving out rewards, we wanted it to be BIGGER with MORE stuff.  Thus, we present - three Levels of Bliss. 

  • Starter Level - Puppy Bliss - Puppy Bliss Level is automatic when you sign-up
  • The First Level Bliss - Very Blissful Dog achieved with 2500 ฿฿$ 
  • The Second Level of Bliss - Exceptionally Blissful Dog attained with 5000 ฿฿$
  • The Third Level of Bliss - The MOST Blissful Dog EVER reached with 7500 ฿฿$

Check out more detailed info on the Three Levels of Bliss here.


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