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Arts & Crafts | Capturing a Unique Aspect of Your Dog

paint your dog

Painting A Unique Part of Your Dog

Who has the most unique, wonderful dog? You do! I do! Each of us knows our dogs are THE best dogs on Earth. Now you can capture one part of your dog that oozes their essence in your own Bark Art project.I promise it is easier than it may look at the start.

In This Quick Video Tutorial You'll Learn

  • How to pick a good picture of your dog to use
  • How to size it for your project
  • Selecting your supplies
  • Step by Step how to paint your dog

Also, one blanket apology. This was my first voice-over using this system and there are a couple of blips. I decided that for once in my entire life to not overthink it and do it over and over, but to post it and smile. I'm also thrilled that not one of my very talkative dogs had anything to say during it.