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Black Friday Bliss


Thank You For Sharing Your Bliss!

It has been a roller coaster ride of a year, make that last few years, for most of us. One thing we can count on, no matter what is going on around the world or on our doorstep, our dogs are here for us…serving unconditional love 24/7. It humbles me to think that ALL our dogs desire in life is to be with us and love us. Hmmm, that and some snacks and tummy rubs, of course.

In over 20 years of business, we avoided doing any BFM (Black Friday Marketing). It all feels a little frantic, frenzy to me personally, so we always passed. This year Black Friday hit me differently. This year, we could all use a little extra kindness. In that spirit, we have a treat for you and your dogs. For the 24 hours of Black Friday - from 12am to 12pm, you get 20% off any purchase from our website. Use

Enjoy shopping for your Blissful Dogs and all of the Blissful Dogs on your list! Of course, gifts can be shipped free (domestically). One gift or 101, all will ship free to their intended recipient with a gift card enclosed from you/your dog.



Kathy Dannel Vitcak, CEO & Founder of The Blissful Dog, Inc.