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Cocker Spaniel Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

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Age Well Dog Aromatherapy For Your Senior Cocker Spaniel's Emotional Support

Has your beloved Cocker Spaniel begun to forget what used to be rock solid habits (house training, etc.)? Do they seem disoriented or confused? While you may have already started your older Cocker on a senior diet or are giving appropriate supplements, did you know you can support their mental and emotional health? Without harsh drugs? 

Top Two Tips for Aging Blissfully

#1 BE AWARE Watch out for overall changes in your dog’s behavior, eating, sleeping, exercise level, and mood.
#2 ACCOMMODATE your dog’s new senior care needs, based on the changes you’ve noticed.

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy for Peaceful and Present Aging

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy helps you nurture and support your senior Cocker Spaniel as they begin to get age...naturally. No personality altering drugs, just gentle essential oils. Age Well gently guides your dog back to the present moment and then relaxes them into a peaceful state of presence.

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Info

Supporting Your Aging Dog

We've all heard that a dog ages seven years to each human year. The old seven dog years = one human year is a loose guideline, with some caveats.

For one thing, a year-old human child is usually walking, talking and wreaking havoc.

A Chihuahua is pretty much an adult at that same one year of age. But a year-old Mastiff or Newfie is usually still a big, awkward puppy.

Smaller dogs often live longer than larger breeds. Pebbles, a Toy Fox Terrier, is the documented oldest living dog at 22. Bluey, a heeler in Australia, lived to be 29!

Large, giant, and bully breeds have an accelerated aging process. They may show signs of aging at six or seven years of age. For the big dogs aging

Small or Toy dogs often live to be older, but aging can

Different dog breeds or types show their age at different rates. While all dogs can begin to show emotional and mental aging from six or seven, the physical issues may vary.

Of course, many dogs begin to have a grey muzzle, paws or even their whole legs become grey with age.

The giant, large and Bully Breeds often begin to show their age by six or seven. As a general rule, the bigger or bully dogs with extreme body types show the effects of aging in their structure earlier. Hips, joints, spine can become problematic.

Toy dogs tend to make more dental issues, eye problems and their coat often becomes less plush or vibrant.

It's not fair, I agree. We can do the best we can to help our dogs lead longer, healthier lives.

Bliss Tips for Your Senior Dog

Our senior dogs benefit greatly from extra care and nurturing as they get older. Slight adjustments to their daily care can make life much more pleasant for them and for you.

The trick in taking care of older dogs is to notice the signs of aging earlier so adjustments can be made quickly.

#1 BE AWARE Watch out for overall changes in your dog’s behavior, eating, sleeping, exercise level, and mood.

#2 ACCOMMODATEyour dog’s new senior care needs, based on the changes you’ve noticed.

If you’ve faced telling one of your dogs goodbye, you know the heart-wrenching pain and emptiness that follows. You may have been tortured about letting go too early or too late. You may not have been expecting it at all.

Of course, nothing will remove that pain. While I have no pithy words of wisdom to make it better, I do have decades of info and experiences on this subject I would like to share.

It's OK To Go is a compilation of how to begin the process of saying goodbye to your dog and actual steps for various parts of the process.

It is my gift and a gift from the many dogs and people along the way who contributed their wisdom.

Download It's OK To Go (opens in new window)

caring for senior dog

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Christina Whiting
Sophie Rose is a blissful pug!

Age Well Aromatherapy is really helpful with doggie anxiety and it smells lovely!


I was a bit skeptical but now my old gal comes and waits for it . After putting it Omer hear my one year old pup waits for “hers” as well. Of course just a quick pet with whatever is residual on my hands!

Joni Warder
Elderly Great Dane

This is an absolutely fabulous product. I was quite leery at first but it is amazing. She’s starting to get a little bit of dementia and is even more clingy than before. And great Danes are already known as Velcro dogs. This relaxes her within minutes and lets her rest comfortably. I’m very impressed

Debra J Carlson
Maggie, our Grand Dame Rescue's new BBFs!

Your products eased my old gal's transition to the rainbow bridge.
Thank you & Bless You

Judith Goldenberg
Review nose butter

Live this product. Keeps Winchester's nose looking and feeling goid

Justino Barahona PTY 8654
Puffo is very happy

Puffo is 13 y.o. and started the last week with the Schnauzer Age Well Dog Aromatherapy. He is getting better so far and I hope this aromatherapy improves his life quality.

We're delighted to hear Puffo is happy! Schnauzers look like distinguished gentlemen anyway and to add his age gives him even more dignity. I came up with Age Well for a very old French Bulldog named Joker. He was only 19-20 pounds and full of personality. As he got older (he lived to13) he would forget what he was doing and get lost going to get a drink of water.

We are so lucky to be able to help our seniors be more comfy. Thank you again for the lovely review and the fabulous photo! -Kathy

Leslie S.
Great product

My CreamPuff LOVES having the roller ball applied to her ears, tummy, and fur. I love to see her curiously sniffing the tube. In her old age, she has been struggling with some irritability and confusion, so it is such a relief to see her enjoy this product

What wonderful news! We are thrilled that you took time out of your day to let us know how well our Age Well has been working for CreamPuff! - Kathy

Loved it all!!!

My dog loves the paw butter, it makes his paws so soft after just a couple of uses. I am very impressed and will continue shopping with The Blissful dog in the future.

Jean *.
Not sure if it helped

Not sure if it helped her. I Am using it on a 12 year old dog who went blind recently. She is exhibiting a higher level of anxiety than she did before she went blind. I was hoping it might calm her a bit. I need more time to decide if it is helping.

Going blind would be anxiety producing for any of us, give her a little time. Our dogs are so resilient and adapt so much better than we often do, with time and your help she will adjust.

My best advice would be to keep using it in the context of her being in a safe place. Apply and then sit with her a bit and comfort her and be there with her. As a Springer her sense of smell and hearing are even stronger and they will kick in to help her.

We've had blind dogs over the years and by not moving the furniture around and making sure they had a clear path to get around helped them adapt.

With such a huge life changing event as going blind, she is fortunate to have someone like you to help her adjust and feel secure.

Let us know how she does, we're sending our best.

Kathy & Everyone at The Blissful Dog

Rosanne P.
💗My Nicky is very happy with this product!!!!

It seems to be working. I put it on him the other day and I also sprayed his bed. He does have separation anxiety and he's also a nervous little old man. I only tried it a few times but the scent is great and he does stay in his bed when I spray it. I would send a picture but I don't know how.

We're happy that Nicky is doing well with the Age Well spray. Just like we can get a bit more nervous as we age, so can our dogs, Nicky is so fortunate to have you taking care of him so well as he gets older. I'd love to see his picture. You can reply to this and attach the picture to the email, if you wish. -Kathy