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Yorkshire Terrier Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo & Soap

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yorkshire terrier luxury shampoo

Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Luxury Dog Shampoo for Yorkshire Terriers Accustomed to the Absolute Lap of Luxury

  • The Yorkshire Terrier whom averts their eyes and sighs when you talk baby talk to them...they are Royalty not a Mama's Itty Bitty Sweet Baby...
  • The Yorkshire Terrier whom will not leave the house with you unless your eyeliner is winged to perfection...
  • The Yorkshire Terrier whom demands GoldBelly deliver their days a week and they do...

Luxurious Argan and Jojoba Oil, plus Oat and Silk Proteins for added nourishment and soothing, take our Rich Bitch Pet Shampoo to an extra level of opulence for your Yorkie's bathing needs. Rich Bitch & Drama Queen is the same shampoo with your choice of G-Rated or PG-Rated labels.

Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for the Darling Diva or Demanding Dude in Your Life