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Chinese Shar-Pei Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo

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chinese shar-pei shampoo

Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo for the Chinese Shar-Pei Who Commands Attention...

  • The Chinese Shar-Pei whom by sheer force of will (and exotic good looks) has a crowd hovering over them everywhere they go
  • The Chinese Shar-Pei whom is not responsible when SOME people ask if you forgot to iron your dog. Haha, so funny and original.
  • The Chinese Shar-Pei whom had business cards printed for you to distribute that say, "Yes, I am a dog...I am a Chinese Shar-Pei of ancient royal lineage. I have exquisite folds in my skin due to centuries of top-level breeding, overseen by monks and royalty. No, I do not need a wrinkle cream, no I do NOT need Botox. And, NO, you absolutely may not touch me. My coat is the texture of angry razor blades. Step away now"

Our Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoos cleanse and clarify, as you would expect, plus luxurious argan and jojoba oil infuse and soothe your Chinese Shar-Pei's skin and coat with moisturizing pampering. Rich Bitch & Drama Queen are the same great shampoo, one has a G-Rated Label and the other is slightly PG-Rated. This shampoo is also perfect for the Demanding Dude or Drama King Dog. May we be so bold as to also suggest our Chinese Shar-Pei Boo Boo Butter. It has been quite popular with our Shar-Pei clientele.

Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for the Darling Diva or Demanding Dude in Your Life