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Flawless Finish Dog Coat Conditioner

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Flawless Finish Coat Conditioner | The Perfect Ending

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Shelley Doherty
My two Yorkies were like they just got out of the groomer after I use this

The shampoo and the conditioner are awesome. I tried many different brands, and these just did the trick. My Yorkies came out, shiny, clean, tangle free, and as if they just got out of the groomer. I am very pleased with this product!

Pamela Herman
Silky and Fresh Smelling

I use your shampoo and conditioner on my Havanese Stanley and his coat stays fresh and silky in between professional grooming. The Flawless conditioner is great-I apply liberally and then brush Stan out in the shower before rinsing and it leaves his hair moisturized and soft.

Hannah Stewart
Dirty dog to show worthy

I ordered the Stinky Filthy Dog Shampoo and it smells amazing. The dogs look so shiny and got many compliments on their coats at our dog shows. I also used this shampoo with my litters and the families raved on how great they smelled. It doesn’t dry them out and you are left with dandruff. Definitely will be buying more but in the bigger size. I have finally found a shampoo that works perfectly.


Got the product fast

Timothy Benoit
Dog not so Dirrty anymore. :)

I love the Dirrrty Dog shampoo. It lathers great and goes a long way. It leaves his coat and skin beautifully shiny and clean. He smells great, until he finds more dirt to lay in to stay cool. But this shampoo goes further than any I've used.

The answer to Maltese coat.

I was using only the Razzle Dazzle white shampoo. His young coat only a year & 10months was hard to brush tangles and it matted so easily. After using the conditoner his hair brushes much easier and does not seem to mat as much. Besides the consitioner makes his hair look and feel silky. I'm really happy with all the products I have tried so far. I also use the spray conditioner after I dry his hair.

Ripped off that's how I feel

Ordered from your website Marc 19, 2022 #9405511899223073115926 Razzle Dazzle 8oz pet shampoo for $15.95. That same shampoo, same size sold by your company on Amazon website is only $12.91. I believe I deserve a refund of the difference in price. UPDATE I understand and appreciate Blissful Dog's explanation. I regret writing a bad review without all of the facts. But, we as consumers are not always privy to how a business's relationship with markets affect them. I DO apologize though and wish you would take back the refund. I love your products and will continue to be a good customer. Thank you for your explanation again.

Nobody likes to feel 'ripped off' and that is not at all how we want customers to feel. When we, as a small business, sell directly to Amazon via Vendor Central, we have ZERO control over the prices they set for each product. Some items they charge more than we do and others less, we have zero control.

Many small businesses sell via Amazon Seller Central, which gives them more control over the pricing, but has its own set of disadvantages. We have a contract with Amazon to sell directly to them and we are obligated to honor that contract.

Our apologies that it caused bad feelings. I will be crediting your account for the difference with our apologies.

I hope my somewhat overthought reply helps you see how this could happen. -Kathy

Awful stinky dogs!

If it stinks my dogs will find it! They roll in dead armadillos… fresh green horse poop .. chicken poop.. (their favorite)! Then they want to come in if there’s a thunderstorm! Bathed them with Stinky Filthy Dog shampoo and dang they smell good! They are sitting proudly on the couch right now as it storms outside! Thanks Blissful Dog!

Yep, stopped everything going on and had the whole team read this review. Dead armadillos! Of course, I am sorry they passed, but OMG what a visual that was. When I moved to MN from Dallas I could tell when we truly out of TX/OK when the we no longer saw armadillos (I tried to word this delicately, but one cannot talk about roadkill and dogs rolling in dead stuff and sound prim and posh). Your crew stole my heart and thanks for letting us know! –Kathy

Love the products!!!

The Shine on Sheer coat spray is a lifesaver 😊 My papillon just spent 2 weeks in the “cone of shame” after his neuter. Needless to say, the plastic cone did a number on his ear fronds. I was able to get all the mats combed out without having to resort to cutting them out, thanks to the spray. We also love the Body and Bounce shampoo and Flawless Finish conditioner, although he has to wait a few more days before we have the green light for a bath again. We’ve used it twice already and it makes his coat so beautiful and soft! Thanks again!

What a lovely review - thank you so very much! That Cone of Shame is a necessary evil, but I agree. When my smooth Brussels Griffon was neutered I bought this onesie type garment for him to wear. He out of it within five minutes, sigh. I'm thrilled the Shine-On! worked so well. When their coat is their crowning glory, it hurts to have to cute ant of it off! I'm so glad he didn't have to suffer the indignity of neutering, a cone of shame AND losing some of his glorious coat!

The pictures are FAB-U-LOUS! These are the best series of using Shine-On we have ever received. Thank you again for that!

What a great review to greet me here. Thank you, thank you! Kathy

Jennifer Roberts
I have stinky frenchies!!!

I have stinky farm raised frenchies!!! They swim, play hard and just get dirty! We love the shampoo! They actually smell good!!!

After having had Frenchie for almost 30 years and quite a few of those years out in the country, I can second your statement about Farm Frenchies! Filthy Frenchies are happy Frenchies! Thanks for letting us know that yours are fresh and clean again~Blissfully, Kathy