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Blissfully Fresh™ Dog Ear Cleaner

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Keeping Your Blissful Dog's Ears Simply Clean

What IS That Smell? Have you ever been cuddling your dog, enjoying a sweet moment and smelled something…funky? You looked around, checked your shoes, your dog's feet and then you realize it is their EARS! Dirty dogs ears can have a yeasty, almost sickly sweet smell or like the nastiest old sneakers ever. Dirty ears can also warrant a trip to the vet, in the case of infections or severe buildups, which is why it's important to use our natural dog ear cleaner.

Cleaning Your Dogs Ears...No Muss, No Fuss

Dogs Ears & More Dog Ears

Clean your dog's ears at least weekly, you'll be glad you started that habit.

• Gather everything you need (Simply Clean Ear Cleaner, cotton balls, treats)
• Only use cotton balls or cotton gauze squares*
• Squirt a bit of Simply Clean onto cotton ball
• Or squirt a bit directly into dog's ear & massage base of ear
• Wipe inside of ear out
• Repeat using fresh cotton ball
• If cotton ball is overly gritty or has an offensive odor consult your vet

PRO TIP:Never use swabs, aka q-tips, or go too deep when applying natural dog ear cleaner as are complex with lots of curves, moving parts and easily damaged components. 

Dog Ear Cleaner Ingredients: 

• Water
• Denatured Alcohol
• Coco Betaine
• Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe)
• Eucalyptus Globus Leaf (Distilled Eucalyptus)
• Cinnamomum Camphor (Distilled Camphor)
• Gaultheria Procumbens (Distilled Wintergreen Leaf Oil)

As you may well imagine, there are as many shapes of dog ears as there are dogs. In researching this bit, I was astounded by three things.

#1 - Have some of these people who named the shape of the ears ever seen a dog's ear?

#2 - There are only so many names to call dogs ears that hang down

#3 - The dogs don't care at all what shape we call their ears

Bat Ears - large, erect ears that sit high on the head - French Bulldog, Corgi

Button Ears- is in-between a Drop and Semi-Erect ear. The button comes from  Pugs, Parson Russell Terriers

Drop Ears - Good ears that hang down. Labs, Goldens, Dachshund

Erect Ears - Stand straight up and point forward. Sticky-Uppy ears is the professional terminology - German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute

Folded Ears are Drop Ears taken to the extreme - Basset, Bloodhound scent dogs

Pricked or Semi-Erect- An ear that tips at the end and does not stand up straight like the prick or erect ear. Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog

Rose Ears- are supposed to be an erect ear that forms the shape of the rose when it is folded. It folds backwards, so is not a button ear. Greyhound, Whippet, Bulldog Note: Sorry, I am not getting a ROSE vibe at all

Only One Breed
Butterfly - the Papillon
Candle Flame - English Toy Terrier
Filbert - Bedlington Terrier

As most of us do, I Googled around using "dog ear shape" and shape of dog ears names" and other equallly pithy phrases.

Yes, I even went old school and dug out my old dog encyclopedias and had a trip down memory lane.

I came to the following conclusions...

SEVERAL websites had the same typo in part of a description...hmmm. Several had names of dog ear shapes I had never heard of and I've been showing dogs and immersed in dogs for 35 years!

The books, which were several editions of AKC The Complete Dog Book and a few Dog Encyclopedias had no common phrases, except quotes from the breed standards. Plus, you get a feel for each authors style.

I'm not why this bothered me so, but it did. There is research and there is Copy and Pasting. Rant Over!!!

OK, the 5th grade level my sense of humor is stuck in snickered at all the phallic terms used to describe dog ears. Semi-Erect, Erect, Semi-Prick, Pricked...why those terms? Snickering Over!

Shapes of dog ears

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bella's Mom
Pawsitively Fantastic

After years of buying and trying and dumping ear cleaning products this is "The One". She actually let me apply drops to the other ear without tossing her head back and forth. Pleasing scent and left no gunk on fur around the ears. Dries clean and fast.
Thank you for the way you car for the animals. It's remarkable!

Ear Cleaner

Great product, have purchased several times before and will continue as long as it’s available. Took off a star just because I (and especially my pup Ivy) would prefer a more subtle scent, it’s a little overwhelming.

Jane Gleeman
Ear Cleanser

Simple to use and keeps my frenchie’s ear clean! Pet friendly product!

My team laughed at me when I named our ear cleaner Simply Clean Ear Cleaner. But that's what I wanted...something to clean dogs ears. We'll have to figure out a way for her to have a play date with Larkan and Cinnabar! Love, Kathy

Annmarie Wilbon
Ear cleaner

I really liked this ear cleaning product. I liked the smell and ease of application.

And we LOVE this picture of your Great Dane. Is it a Dane thing for them to site with their front feet crossed in that pose? I see so many pics of them in that position and I love it. Makes them look like they are patiently waiting on us to pay attention to them! -Kathy

Jessica W.
The Product is wonderfull. My dog finally lets me put something on him.

It worked perfect. His Paws and Nose are finally back to normal.

Thank you for letting us know! We wanted an ear cleaner that got their ears clean without fuss or drama and that's what we got. Glad it worked for your dog. -Kathy

Healing my Boston’s nose hyperkeratosis

I looked everywhere for an ointment free of dyes, perfumes and preservatives to help heal my dog’s nose. This stuff works great and is easy to apply daily. It is softening the thick skin and helping it exfoliate to reveal healthy skin underneath. I can tell he is happy to have a wet nose again. The price is ok with me, and the Boston on the label is cute too.

That is great to hear! We are so glad you love our Nose Butter as much as we do! Thank you for taking time out of your day to leave us a wonderful review! - Kathy

Marquetta D.
Great ear cleaner

After buying the Nose Butter I checked out what other products there were and now I have a pampered pooch. Thank you for caring for our babies.

Great to hear! We are thrilled that our products are working well for your pup! Thank you! - Kathy

Cheryl B.
Excellent Product!!

I have a year old male German Shepherd who used to be very touchy about his ears. He would scratch one ear to the point it was very sensitive and if I put anything in it, it apparently burned and he would run away. After I started using Simply Clean Dog Ear Cleaner he now looks forward to having his ears cleaned because not only does it not burn, it WORKS!! No more ear infections. This stuff is great!!

WOW! Thats great to hear! We love to see how well our Ear Cleaner works on your dog! Thank you for the great review! - Kathy

Katharine Asbel
Clean and fresh

I tried the ear cleaner and Jude's ears look better than ever. This was cleaner really gets the job done in a timely manner.

Thats wonderful news! We are thrilled that our Ear Cleaner has been helping Jude feel much better! Thank you for letting us know! - Kathy