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Holiday Tube Combo


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Holiday Tube Combo Product Details

Holiday Combo Options

Holiday Combo Skin Essentials Kit Details

• Choose any (4) four .15 oz tubes (lip balm-sized)
• Options - Nose Butter, Paw Butter, Elbow Butter, Boo Boo Butter and Bye Bye Bug Butter
• Boo Boo & Nose Butter labels will be the dog breed you enter OR one of the stock dog breed labels
• Paw Butter & Elbow Butter are stock labels
• Choose from 125+ dog breed & mixes options -Breed List here.
• Includes tips, hints & directions brochure

Dog Breed List Here

Tips on Selecting Options

$19.95 for a $31.80 Value

In case you were wondering which butters are best for the dogs on your list here are a few tips.

GOOD FOR ALL Go with Nose Butter, Boo Boo Butter, Paw Butter and Bye Bye Bug Butter

BIG DOGSGo with Nose Butter, Boo Boo Butter, Paw Butter and Elbow Butter if the dog is a big or giant breed as they can be susceptible to elbow calluses.

For example, Mastiffs, Labs, German Shepherds, to name a few, are prone to elbow calluses.

Dry Dog Nose Info

Quick Product Overview

A Blissful Blend of Nature & Science

Nose Butter -moisturizes dry, cracked, crusty dog noses.
Boo Boo Butter - uses healing botanicals to soothe minor skin irritations
Paw Butter - conditions rough, scratchy dog paws with all natural goodness
Elbow Butter - hydrates and soothes dog elbow calluses
Bye Bye Bug Butter -uses time-tested insect repelling ingredients to help keep bugs off your dog

More Ingredients Info

125+ Dog Breed Labels

In our ongoing quest to make life easier for us all, here is an image that lists all the dog breeds labels we offer.