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Pug Nose Butter

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pug has dry nose

Does Your Pug Have a Dry or Even Crusty Nose?

Pugs & Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Pug Nose Butter® moisturizes and soothes your Pug's nose…from a little dry to extreme nasal hyperkeratosis. Many Pugs have a predisposition toward dry or even crusty noses, as do most of the flat-faced dog breeds. If your Pug's nose is covered with crusty layers of overgrown, barnacle-looking crud, it may be a condition called Nasal Hyperkeratosis.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis occurs when nose tissue is triggered and grows rampantly, forming layers of crusty skin. It's tempting to pick it but don't, as it is living tissue and will bleed and hurt your Pug. While not life-threatening, there are several medical, cosmetic, and mental health reasons this dry nose condition can affect your dog's well-being.

Healthy Nose = Happy Pug

While your Pug may NEVER need to sniff out the trail of lost hikers, his sense of smell is still incredibly important to him. If your Pug’s nose is dry, he will lick and lick as he tries to moisten it to get info. Like when we are driving in an unfamiliar area and NO SERVICE pops up on our phone. It's frustrating, annoying and can be scary to not be able to access info. Your Pug feels the same way knowing there are good smells that he can't sniff with a dry, crusty nose. 

Nose Butter Moisturizes Your Dog's Dry, Chapped Nose

More Dry Dog Nose FAQs

These breeds are more prone to Nasal Hyperkeratosis. An * indicates they fall into multiple categories. This is NOT a complete list.

Bully Breeds

• American Bulldog
• American Staffordshire Terrier
• Boxer*
• Bulldog*
• Chow
• French Bulldog*
• Olde English Bulldoggee*
• Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Flat-Faced Breeds

• Affenpinscher*
• Boston Terrier
• Brussels Griffon*
• English Toy Spaniel*
• Japanese Chin*
• Pekingese*
• Pug*
• Shih Tzu*

Toy Breeds

• Bichon Frise
• Cavalier King Charles
• Chihuahua
• Havanese
• Lhasa Apso
• Maltese
• Papillon
• Pomeranian*
• Poodle
• Yorkshire Terrier*


• Bernese Mountain Dog
• Bullmastiff*
• Cane Corso*
• Dogue de Bordeaux*
• Fila Brasileiro*
• Great Dane
• Great Pyrenees
• Leonberger
• Mastiff
• Neapolitan Mastiff*
• Newfoundland
• St. Bernard
• Tibetan Mastiff

Nordic Breeds

• Alaskan Malamute
• American Eskimo
• Siberian Husky

#1 Tip - For quicker absorption warm Nose Butter prior to using
• To warm; stick in your pocket, bra, or scoop some out & warm in palm (see image)
• Open the tin or tube
• Gently control your dog's face (side of face or under their chin)
• Avoid head-locks - that's a trigger for many dogs
• Tag Team - have someone hold & you apply
• (Tin) Scoop a bit out appropriate to the size of your dog’s nose
• Dab it on their nose
• Rub it in a bit, you do not have to rub it in completely as it melts quickly, especially if warm
• Distract to keep them from licking or rubbing it off
• Repeat 2-3x a day for 1-3 days or until nose is back in shape
• Then use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

• Apply 2-3x a day (do the best you can, 2-3x a day is the goal)
• After 2-3 days of multiple daily applications, gently rub the nose with tissue and see if it easily crumbles off
• If it does NOT crumble right off (it will look like black, greasy dirt), keep applying Nose Butter 2-3x a day until it easily, without picking, comes off
• Resist the urge to pick as tempting as it may be, it hurts and will make the process harder

The crusty stuff is actually skin and hurts your dog if you pick it off, just like us pulling a scab off a skinned knee too soon.

• Give a cookie or treat before, during and after application
• Cuddles, pets, repeat as needed
• Feed their dinner (with extra yummies)
• Play your dog's fave game
• Throw a ball
• Go for a walk
• Pet them, lavish praise on them for their overall good dog-ness
• TIP! Not only does something positive (like cookies) take their mind off having something done to them, they soon equate Nose Butter with treats.

Ouch! That hurt! It's not that your dog loathes Nose Butter (we hope not), they probably DO dislike being held tightly.

Being held in a WWE head-lock is a huge trigger for most dogs. If possible, allow them to stand while you apply Nose Butter and be quick

Additionally, flat-faced dogs will fight and struggle to protect their already hindered ability to breathe.

Toy breeds know they are small and will often put up an unbelievable tussle to get away when they feel over-powered.

Dogs are often triggered by being held tightly. This may come from when they were puppies. Puppy play involves a lot of wrestling and play-fight. It's not fun for dogs (or us) to have siblings pile on, hold us down and make us feel helpless. (I'm looking at my three sisters).

Stay relaxed and positive and be very generous with treats and your dog will soon enjoy, or tolerate, Nose Butter time.

The Bad News is there is no CURE for Nasal Hyperkeratosis, it is a condition and usually life-long.

If you stop using Nose Butter, the dryness and crust will probably come back.

The Good News is maintenance usage of Nose Butter keeps the Nasal Hyperkeratosis under control.

Nose Butter can help heal the dry nose, but doesn't cure the condition. Yes, it's semantics, but it helps make it clear.

When our hands are really cracked and dry we apply lotion to get them in shape, but we can't slather lotion on our hands once and be moisturized for life.

Like cutting your dog's toenails...Nose Butter is part of their health care regimen.

boxer dog dry nose

Customer Reviews

Based on 322 reviews

Love the tin with a pug that looks like mine and so far even twice or once a day seeing a huge improvement!

Piper Shano
Evee the Pug Loves Pug Nose Butter

Thank you so much for this fantastic product!! It worked wonders on Evee the Pug!!!

Brian Rudell
Yoda uses blissful dog products

My dog has always had potential for a really bad skin crust problem on his nose and inside his wrinkles. I clean it every day, but sometimes twice. I swear Pugs grow dead skin on their nose like hair grows on other dogs with their wrinkles above. I used to get little tubes of this, but it was worth it with his needs to get a large amount so we don’t run out because I notice the difference after just two days of not using his butter. Thanks!

Meaghan M
Miracle product

This nose butter is absolutely amazing! My pug’s nose was a crusty disaster and after a few days of using this, it looks perfect! I’ve used this product for years and it’s fantastic. When I first bought it, I took it to my vet to make sure it was safe and he said it was great. I’ve been using it ever since.

Jennifer Rule
Good product

My 14 yr old pugs nose had a dry ridge on it, and after using this product about 4-5 times, her nose stays more moisturized.

We're thrilled to hear your senior sweet Pug has a softer, smoother nose now. Fourteen years old is a true testament to the care you've lavished on her. She's a fortunate Pug! -Kathy

Karla Oliphant
Excellent product!

Our pugs nose is so smooth now thanks to nose butter. No more cracks, thank you!

Abraham Ramon
Pug noise butter

We love your product, before our pug had dry cracked nose and had a hard time keeping it soft and moist. We knew this bothered him a lot. But when we purchased your Blissful nose butter and applied it daily, his nose, was soft and crack free.
This product works wonders, I definitely would recommend this to anyone who has a pet with dry cracked nose.

Thank you so much for letting us know how well your Pug did with the Nose Butter. He must be happier also, as he trots around sniffing everything! -Kathy

Lisa Mazso
Nose butter

The nose butter is working great I would be lost without it for my pugs.

What a lovely thing to share with us! Give your Pugs a big hug and an extra treat from us! We're be lost without fabulous customers like YOU! -Kathy


I have done everything for my little pooga's dry, scaley, cracked itchy nose from coconut oil, olive oil, udder butter etc. I saw someone post about this on a pug group I follow its all natural so i figured it couldn't hurt plus it had amazing reviews... I have to say its 2 days in and her nose is 1 solid color it used to be gray and cracked on top and black on the bottom now she just has a black button nose again! She's no longer relentlessly scratching her nose on everything its still scaley but not as cracked but it's going to take time. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who has flat face dogs or dogs with dry noses.

Tiffany Williams
Amazing Changes!

It immediately made a difference in my dogs flaky dry nose, it was amazing!! I included an after and before!

WOW! What a great change. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. That is a happy Pug nose! -Kathy