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Keeshond Boo Boo Butter

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Does Your Keeshond Ever Scratch? Get Itchy Spots?

Boo Boo Butter Soothes Your Keeshond's Minor Skin Irritations

Boo Boo Butter soothes minor skin issues that aren't an emergency but need extra attention and TLC. Boo Boo Butter is ideal to have in your active puppy's First Aid kit. No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum by-products, nothing you can't pronounce, just good stuff to support your dog's healing process. We like to say when a kiss won't make it better, try Boo Boo Butter.

Side Note-It was a surprise to learn how much a Keeshond puppy's color can change. Some have coloration like the wrestling siblings above and others start out with the classic wolf-like coloring. 

All Natural, Handcrafted Boo Boo Butter for Nicks, Abrasions, Itchy Spots+

Boo Boo Butter Usage Tips+


Our #1 Best Tip! Warm product before using for faster absorption. Stick tin or tube in pocket or rub in palm before application.

DABon clean affected area

DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off

DONE Then REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until area improves

Use as needed for follow-up

Non-toxic, no active ingredients & no harm if licked

The reason for so much info on distracting your dog is so the product will be absorbed and get its work done. It's non-toxic, of course, and causes nop harm if ingested, but it needs to soak in to be effective.

Give treats before, during and after application, if needed

Try desirable treats - cheese, canned cat food, chewy dog treats

Petting and cuddling can be the best distraction-works for me

Feed an especially yummy dinner right after application

Throw a ball or go for a walk afterward

You don’t have to rub it in PERFECTLY, as the product starts to melt at body temperature

Catch ‘em napping. Dab the product on while they sleep - sneaky

Tag team ‘em. Have one person be the treat giver while you are the dabber

Follow with something positive and your dog will soon associate Nose Butter application with happy times

Think of it like cutting toenails or giving meds. Sometimes we have to do what’s in our dog's best interest.

Some dogs may be in discomfort if they have chewed, scratched or gnawed at a sore spot. They will be extra protective or wary of this area.

Many dogs flat do not like being controlled tightly and will try to get away. It’s not that they hate Boo Boo Butter (ouch-we hope not), but they do not like being restrained tightly.

Dogs have flight or fight as a means of protecting themselves. Taking those two best options away leaves them with wiggling.

Some breeds like to be in charge and will not accept being held tightly. Fast application is key with those personality types.

Toy dogs know they are small and will often over-compensate.

Boo Boo Butter is that ideal product for your dog's skin issue that needs attention, but is not an emergency.

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum by-products, nothing you cannot pronounce, just good stuff to support your dog's healing process.

Boo Boo Butter is an excellent alternative to antibiotic creams/balms, as we've seen so many antibiotic resistant issues around over-usage, in people and pets.

Plus, it just works. Every so often one of us (or a pet) will have something skin-related that needs help and in unision we shout, "Did you try Boo Boo Butter?"

Boo Boo Butter with a Pug label is the same recipe/product as Boo Boo Butter with a Portguese Water Dog on the label.

The labels celebrate how diverse our dog breeds are. Plus, it allows you to customize the product with your dog's breed.

Isn't it mind-blowing that in a couple of thousand years or so humankind tweaked the DNA of a Wolf into a Pug?

Our wish is for you to enjoy having your dog's breed, or one you love, on the label and smile.

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