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just nose butter

Do You Just Want Moisturizer For Your Dog's Dry Nose?

Your dog has a dry nose. It's crusty, maybe cracked and you just want to get some dog Nose Butter® and have your dog's nose looking and feeling smooth and healthy again. Sure, all the dog breed options are fun, but your dog doesn't fit into any of those breeds or you may not care AT ALL about the dog breed labels.

You just want your dog's nose to not be all dry and crusty.

Here you go...Dog Nose Butter®…problem solved.

  • Every Dog Nose Butter® - Has a shiny, healthy dog nose on the label. Boom. Done.
  • Mixed Breed Nose Butter® - Has a cute, fuzzy mixed breed puppy on the label.
  • 3 Cute Puppies Nose Butter - Yep, 3 Cute Puppies. Makes a great gift for any dog with a dry nose. Or you may like the three cute puppies on the label.