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Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling Coat Spray

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Leave-In Conditioner, De-Tangling, Coat Polish Spray

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Colleen C.
Love the Detangler!

I love the Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling Coat Spray!! It makes my dog’s coat look beautiful, gets rid of tangles & eliminates the static in her fur. It’s so dry this time of year, and this spray has been a life saver. It only takes a few spritzes to get the job done. Thank you for making my Japanese Chin, Mia, look beautiful!!

Very good

Very nice finish spray

Jana Craig
Works great !!

I bought the Shine-on Sheen Dog detangling spray for my teacup Maltese, I’m letting her hair grow out long and this keeps it soft and manageable. I will definitely be buying more of this.

caressa conklin
Love the Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling smells nice.

Shine-On+Sheen Dog De-Tangling spray is nice i love the smell an it makes my yorkie kyra's hair much more glossy an easy too brush.

Aracelis Ruiz
Good product!

I like the smell; I expected more shine, but its the first time we use it so... Frida is a Miniature Shnauzer, she has very thin hair.
Thanks a lot!

Dawn M.

The Shine On Sheen and Detangling spray is nothing short of amazing! My son’s English Shepherd puppy hair coat is super prone to matting, this stuff has solved all our problems!

Thank you so much for the great review! This is one of our best selling products in the shampoo line. I actually use it on my baby-fine hair and it helps so much. Thank you again for letting us know. -Kathy

Great Product

Sheen On & Shine is great! Our Australian Shepherd, Ellie Mae, has never looked better!

Excellent! We love helping your Aussie look and feel her best. Great name, we grew up loving the Beverly HillBillies and Ellie Mae was my hero (funny to think about that now).

Thank you!

Christine R.
Awesome products, my little guys nose is wet and squishy again!!!

They are amazing products the calming spray helps my girl nap and calm down a bit also!!!

Thank you so much for letting us know. We especially love when Relax helps give them a bit of solace during stressful times. Thanks again, Kathy

Shine-On+Sheen Coat Spray Makes Grooming Poms a Breeze

Shine-On+Sheen Leave-In Conditioner & Coat Spray makes grooming fully coated Poms much easier. (review shared by The Blissful Dog)

Ch. Grisia White Magic's Chlo South Korean Champion Maltese Counts on Shine-On+Sheen Coat Spray

Ch. Grisia White Magic's Chlo, South Korean Maltese dog show champion, uses Rich ***** Dog Shampoo and Shine-on Coat Spray to keep her winning edge in the competitive Maltese dog show ring. (review shared by The Blissful Dog)