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Icelandic Sheepdog Tube Combo

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icelandic sheepdog scratches

Icelandic Sheepdog Skin Care Kit - Mix & Match for Your Icie's Needs

Iceland's Most Lovable Export

For all the seasons of Vikings I watched, I never saw an Icelandic Sheepdog! The Icie, as their fans call them, were brought to Iceland by the afore-mentioned Vikings. One of the Spitz type breeds, they may have ancestry dating back to the Norwegian Buhund, Shelties and Corgis. To this day they are used to herd sheep in their native Iceland.

Build Your Icelandic Sheepdog's Tube Combo

Your Icelandic Sheepdog may have a bit of a dry nose, rough paws, bug bites or the occasional itchy skin frustration. The good news is you can mix and match your choice of four (4) .15 oz tubes, customized for your Icelandic Sheepdog's needs. Note: Tubes are .15 ounce, lip balm sized aka Chapstick® sized tubes.

Icelandic Sheepdog Tube Combo Product Details

  • Choice of any (4) four lip balm sized.15 oz tubes
  • Nose Butter - Icelandic Sheepdog label
  • Boo Boo Butter - Icelandic Sheepdog label
  • Paw Butter
  • Elbow Butter
  • Bug Off Butter
  • Includes tips, hints, and directions brochure

All Natural Butters Moisturize Your Dog's Dry Nose, Rough Paws, Elbow Calluses & Minor Skin Irritations

All the Scoop

Every time your dog hits elbows first on the concrete, tile, deck, or dirt the overprotective ulna bone tries to protect the elbow by creating a thick layer of skin aka callus over the bone.

While the ulna bone's intentiuons are good, we have just what your dog's elbow needs. Thanks for doing your best ulna bone, you can go back to your normal job.

Initial usage of Elbow Butter conditions and moisturizes elbow calluses and then maintenance usage keeps them under control.

While Elbow Butter can help the callus heal, it cannot prevent more, since the callus is caused by the physical slamming of the elbow onto a hard surface.

Clients have reported calluses disappearing completely and hair growing back, BUT that is not guaranteed. Like those weight loss ads that say, “These results are not typical of all users.” 

• It depends on if your dog continues to land hard on their elbows.

• It depends on if your dog will use their bed, at least most of the time.

• It depends on how thick the calluses were to begin with.

Remember, your dog re-creates the callus when they lie on a hard surface.

Elbow Butter conditions the callus and helps keep it from bleeding, The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial power of our herbal ingredients help keep infections at bay.

Most dogs do experience a lessening in size of the callus and it becomes more pliable and less tight and restrictive.

Keeping expectations real!

#1 Tip! WARM 

For faster absorption put the tin or tube in your pocket for a few minutes to warm it.

Wipe callus clean.

Scoop a bit out with finger or spoon (if in tin), warm more in your palm if needed.

DAB or rub on dog's elbow callus

DISTRACT with a treat, pet them, go for a walk


Bug Off Butter is your dog's natural alternative for repelling nasty biting bugs in a long-lasting balm formulation.

Using Bug Off Butter  

Dab On, Distract & Done. Reapply as needed. There are no active ingredients, just all-natural herbal bug repelling oils in a carrier base of our butter blend

Obviously you can choose ANY combination of products. We've had customers get ALL Elbow Butter or ALL Nose Butter. You can 100% get what you need.

Try some of each. Mix and match as desired!

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