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English Cocker Spaniel Boo Boo Butter

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english cocker spaniel grooming

Herbal Boo Boo Butter Soothes Your English Cocker Spaniel's Minor Skin Irritations…Naturally

The English Cocker Spaniel Is From Spain...Really

Early Spanish bird dogs were the foundation for today's English Cocker Spaniel. Your English Cocker Spaniel still has the DNA of hunting dogs bred for centuries to run through thick brush chasing birds. Your Engie may never SEE a game bird, but may still get scratches, itchy spots and bug bites.

Also, English Cocker Spaniels look their best when groomed. Whether your preference is a closer puppy cut or traditional English Cocker style, your dog may occasionally have skin irritations from the clippers, brushes or even the blow dryer. We are NOT besmirching your groomer or their grooming abilities, it is just part of life as a dog that gets groomed. Boo Boo Butter is ideal for soothing those clipper or brush irritated areas. 

All Natural, Handcrafted Boo Boo Butter for Your Dog's Minor Skin Issues

Boo Boo Butter Usage Tips+

Using Boo Boo Butter


Our #1 Best Tip! Warm product before using for faster absorption. Stick tin or tube in pocket or rub in palm before application.

DABon clean affected area

DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off

DONE Then REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until area improves

Use as needed for follow-up

Non-toxic, no active ingredients & no harm if licked

The reason for so much info on distracting your dog is so the product will be absorbed and get its work done. It's non-toxic, of course, but it needs to soak in to be effective.

Give treats before, during and after application, if needed

Try desirable treats - cheese, canned cat food, chewy dog treats

Petting and cuddling can be the best distraction-works for me

Feed an especially yummy dinner right after application

Throw a ball or go for a walk afterward

You don’t have to rub it in PERFECTLY, as the product starts to melt at body temperature

Catch ‘em napping. Dab the product on while they sleep - sneaky

Tag team ‘em. Have one person be the treat giver while you are the dabber

Follow with something positive and your dog will soon associate Nose Butter application with happy times

Think of it like cutting toenails or giving meds. Sometimes we have to do what’s in our dog's best interest.

Some dogs may be in discomfort if they have chewed, scratched or gnawed at a sore spot. They will be extra protective or wary of this area.

Many dogs flat do not like being controlled tightly and will try to get away. It’s not that they hate Boo Boo Butter (ouch-we hope not), but they do not like being restrained tightly.

Dogs have flight or fight as a means of protecting themselves. Taking those two best options away leaves them with wiggling.

Some breeds like to be in charge and will not accept being held tightly. Fast application is key with those personality types.

Toy dogs know they are small and will often over-compensate.

Boo Boo Butter is that ideal product for your dog's skin issue that needs attention, but is not an emergency.

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum by-products, nothing you cannot pronounce, just good stuff to support your dog's healing process.

Boo Boo Butter is an excellent alternative to antibiotic creams/balms, as we've seen so many antibiotic resistant issues around over-usage, in people and pets.

Boo Boo Butter with a Pug label is the same recipe/product as Boo Boo Butter with a Poodle on the label.

The labels celebrate how diverse our dog breeds are. Think of that first wolf cub who crawled up to some ancient early Neanderthal fire and compare to a Chihuahua. In a drop in time humankind has tweaked dogs DNA in unimaginable ways.

Plus, it allows you to customize the product with your dog's breed.

Kinda like a mug or tshirt with your dog breed on the front.

Grooming Poodle

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Serhii Ilkiv
Xolo breed

I bought boo boo for xolo, it helped us a lot to get rid of acne and dry skin.

We've been so excited by how many Xolo and Crested people are using the Boo Boo Butter on their dogs. It really is a good all-around moisturizer. If you have any left on your hands, rub into your elbows or feet! It feels sooo good. Thanks for letting us know. Blissfully, Kathy

Rene Eubanks
Ruby Mae loves it!

We absolutely love your products, after a week of use (3 times a day), Ruby's nose is all healed and she looks beautiful again!
I always thought old dogs were supposed to have crusty noses, wrong! She is 14 years old and she actually sleeps better now that her nose is not cracked and hurting! Thank you for a wonderful product! We will be telling everyone about your products!

Samantha Medina
Helped tremendously!!

The boo boo butter works so good! I apply it on her chest and within a couple hours it’s so much better. There is no other product I would use on my fur baby Winni

Lori Schabow

Boo-boo butter is a high-quality product that Helps keep dry skin hydrated and does help reduce itching. Unfortunately my dog has persistent allergies, but this product has helped improve his skin quality.



Lisa Shield
What a Surprise!

Our handsome Shar-pei, Jax, has been developing a lot of bald spots around his neck and tail. I truly didn't know what to do. We added oil to his food, but it didn't do much. I ordered a tin of BooBoo Butter and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. While it is taking some time for the fur to grow back, I rub it on him daily, we are seeing a noticeable improvement in the affected areas. I am very happy with this product and love the name! Not all of the fur is coming back, but he looks so much better!!!

Kaie Einherjar
Love it!

My dog definitely loves how it smells as he tries to eat it every time I use it on him. He’s a pitbull and only five months old. This has really helped with his little hot spots and scratching. So glad I found you guys!

Nichole Barton
My dogs skin is nice now!

My great pyreneese has had skin problems during the summer but this boo boo butter really helps to make his belly nice and pink again! It's all natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about him licking it off. I love boo boo butter!

Shannon Irwin

My Jack Chi mix had red spots that would not go away, Boo Boo Butter saved the day! The vet gave him steriods etc but that did nothing. This stuff works great!!

Michael Richey
Love It!

I use Boo Boo Butter on my Chinese Cresteds after their shave. It sooths their skin and makes it sliky smooth.