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Dear Kathy,

I want to thank you for your AMAZING product Nose Butter! I bought your product online for our 2 year old Bulldog Angus. I am very careful about what we use on him as he is allergic to pretty much everything! I love that your product is made with natural ingredients and LOVE that it’s made with love! I am excited to try your Paw Butter and Boo Boo Butter next!

We live in Iowa and the winter weather plus the dry air is tough on dogs. We have been using your Nose butter for about 2 weeks now and the results are outstanding! No more dry, crusty nose it’s completely healed AND no side effects!

I will be telling our Vet all about you and will give her your card as she see’s a lot of bulldogs!

Thank you again,


PAW BUTTER & NOSE BUTTER Thank You and Review


I purchased some Nose Butter (for Labradors) and some Paw Butter from you several weeks ago. I want to thank you very much for these wonderful products. I had just about given up on Sally’s nose when I found your website for Nose Butter. The improvement is amazing and people don’t comment on how terrible her nose looks now, because it looks completely normal. Please accept my apologies for taking so long to thank you, we all seem to lead such busy lives these days. Just know that I think of your kindness every day when I apply Nose Butter to Sally’s nose. Thank you once again and Best wishes, H.W.

Pug NOSE BUTTER Impressive


Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your NOSE BUTTER. We have a six year old pug who had a horrible cracked nose. Within two days of using your product his little nose was transformed!! I use it on my other pug and Frenchie too. I was absolutely amazed with your product. I have recommended it to friends. Please don’t stop making it :) Thank you! Sincerely, K.R., Charlie-pug, Gizmo-frenchie & Oliver-pug

Springer Spaniel NOSE BUTTER Worked

Springer Spaniel NOSE BUTTER Worked

Hi Ms. Kathy,
Just wanted to let you know that the Nose Butter worked wonderfully on two of our Springers. In fact it really surprised us at how quickly it dissolved the
crust on Gypsy, the one with the really crusty nose. So thanks and if you want to add us to your list of recommendations, please do so. And it was great to have the container ‘personalized’ with a picture of a Springer.

All our Best, Ken and Cora (and Gypsy, Vixen and Devi)

Boxer NOSE BUTTER in Alaska

The Blissful Dog NOSE BUTTER for Boxers

“Let me start off by saying THANK YOU!!!!! Your product is amazing!! My poor baby has had a horribly chapped nose since we moved to Alaska (proud Air Force family!!) and nothing was helping. I found your product online read reviews thought what the heck why not. Well I have seen the most amazing results in 4 days!!! Thank you again my baby looks healthy and happy again!!!  Sincerely a very happy customer! –D.C.

Impressed With Frenchie NOSE BUTTER

I Am So Impressed With Frenchie NOSE BUTTER

Thank you so much, I would like to say how impressed I am with your product NOSE BUTTER. I have only been using the NOSE BUTTER. stick a few times now, and my Frenchie’s horrible, cracked nose is looking so much smoother already. I will definitely recommend to all my friends. Cant wait to try to BOO BOO BUTTER. Thanks again. K. D.



I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product.  My dog scraped his leg on something the other day. It was very red and sore.  He did not want me to even get near it.  I put one treatment of the BOO BOO BUTTER on and he is back to normal.  The scrap looks very good.  It definitely helped my guy.

Thanks, Julie

Buster Loves NOSE BUTTER

Love NOSE BUTTER After Six Days Smooth Nose

“Love your product. Bought it for the first time – and started applying NOSE BUTTER last week. Started to see improvement in the first day…and after 6 days…check out Buster’s kissable nose!”

Basenji Nose Better – Thanks NOSE BUTTER

Basenji Nose Better – Thanks to NOSE BUTTER

Meet Roxie, a 6 year old basenji. We’ve never had a dry, cracked nosed before and I had NO idea how to help. I tried Chapstick because it looks like chapped lips. It helped a bit but her nose was starting to peel and bleed. Thought I would try NOSE BUTTER Only $4.00, what could it hurt. Before – Cracked, caked in whatever that stuff is and dry. Only 2 days later! It’s still clearing up but it’s a lot smoother and getting back to its normal wetness. Wonderful product! Thank you! ~ Kara

PAW BUTTER is Awesome!

PAW BUTTER is Awesome!

I just placed a second order of paw butter last evening WOW!!! Such awesome stuff!!! I am the proud momma of a Yorkie, Elijah, that was a rescue two years ago.  On December 17th we rescued a puppy mill dog, a maltese/poodle mix that I named Marcie. She came to us with horrible paws, they were open and sore from the wire cage. I used the PAW BUTTER daily and saw so much improvement!!!

We have had wicked winter weather and the city and neighbors salt streets and sidewalks heavily and this PAW BUTTER is FABULOUS!!! It protects these little paws wonderfully!!! The added bonus for me is when I used other products for Elijah he would lick his paws and lick the product off– not your PAW BUTTER!! He leaves it on and doesn’t bother with his paw pads!

So, a BIG thank you to you for creating an EXCELLENT product that helps my fur kids so very much!!!!!

Kind Regards & Many Thanks,