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Nose Butter Info

NOSE BUTTER® Info for Your Dog’s Dry or Crusty, Cracked Nose

How to apply nose butterQ: Do the Different Breed Labels Mean NOSE BUTTER is Different for Each Breed?

A: Uh, no, it is all the same good stuff inside. The labels are just for fun for us AND creating the different labels allows me to enjoy my Dog Geekness and have fun making all the various labels and Pinterest Boards. But I do think your Frenchie and your Boxer each need their own tin of NOSE BUTTER®.

Q: How do I use NOSE BUTTER®?


  • Open the tin
  • Scoop a bit out appropriate to the size of your dog’s nose
  • Rub it on their nose. Tah Dah. That is it.
  • Distract to keep them from licking (see below)
  • Repeat 2-3x a day for 1-3 days or until nose is back in shape
  • Then as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)


  • Point the tube away from their eyes
  • Swipe across the top of the nose. About as much as a light swipe of lipstick (men-imagine it)
  • Distract to keep them from licking (see below)
  • Repeat 2-3x a day for 1-3 days or until nose is back in shape
  • Then as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

DISTRACT! DIVERT! Before During & After

  • Give a cookie or treat
  • Feed their dinner
  • Give them their favorite toy
  • Play with them for a bit

Distraction is the key! Cookies always distract me, so a treat may be best. Yum, now I want a cookie. Not only does this take their mind off the NOSE BUTTER, it also build an association between GOOD STUFF and NOSE BUTTER application.

NOTE: If your dog has crusty stuff on their nose after 1-3 days, test the crusty stuff with a bit of tissue and see if it will rub off. If it does not easily come off, keep applying until it easily, without picking, comes right off. Resist the urge to pick as tempting as it may be.


Q: NOSE BUTTER in the Tin or Tube? Is there a Difference?

A: Good question! It is the exact same fabulous product inside, just different containers or delivery systems.

Q: My dog goes crazy when I touch her face. What now?

A: Here are a few suggestions…sneak up on her when  she is sleeping and gently tap it on her nose. If she wakes up, look away, be casual and act like you did not do anything. Or, give a cookie or treat and then quickly dab the Nose Butter on while they are actually eating the goodie. Hold treat in one hand and dab with the other!

FYI: It is not dislike for the actual Nose Butter (geesh, I hope not) that annoys some dogs as much as it is the fear of being held closely and controlled. I think the flat-faced dogs stress a bit more because their breathing is already compromised, so nature tells them to protect their breathing. Yet another reason not to use Vaseline, baby butt stuff or any other thick product that does not “breathe” on their noses.

Q: Is NOSE BUTTER Safe? What if my dog licks it off?

A: Absolutely! There is nothing in our Nose Butter that can harm your dog.  See Divert and Distract above to keep them from licking it off.

If you have multiple dogs they may lick it off each others noses, give them each a cookie to distract them all long enough for it to melt in. Or dab it on before they go to bed, if you utilize sleeping crates.

Q: Her nose looks all pink and weird after the crusty crud came off? What the heck?

A: That is new skin! I did a chemical peel on my face recently and it looked heinous for about 3-4 days, my husband averted his eyes when I walked in the room. But once all that dead skin was gone…I looked good! Your dog’s nose is the same way. When that crusty crud, which may have been on there for months (or years) is removed by the moisturizing of Nose Butter, the new skin underneath may be tender and pink. In just a few days the pigment will fill in and look great again. By the way, I used Boo Boo Butter on my face after that peel and it healed much faster than normal!

Q: How long does NOSE BUTTER last?

A: Shea butter has an un-refrigerated shelf life of 18-24 months. We sure hope you are using your Nose Butter faster than THAT.

Q: My NOSE BUTTER melted? What the heck!

A: As you may have guessed shea butter is well, a butter, and it will melt when it gets super hot. The melting temperature of shea butter is 89-95 degrees. As you also might guess, little metal tins of shea butter sitting in a postal vehicle will absolutely melt when it is super hot. The good news is that the heat will not affect the amazing effects of your NOSE BUTTER.

If it is hot when your package arrives, don’t open it! Pop the tin into the fridge and let it harden back up.

Q: Is NOSE BUTTER Different from Paw or Elbow Butter?

A: Yes, it is! All of my products start with the same base of all organic good stuff: shea butter, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, cacao seed butter, coconut oil, a dash of essential oils and love. Paws need more emollients and protection, so there is more beeswax, plus St. John’s Wort, Calendula Oil, and Comfrey Oil added to the ingredients outlined above.  The elbows with pressure calluses need even more healing and anti-bacterial oomph, so Chamomile and Pumpkin Seed Oil is added. Plus. a different blend of essential oils is used for both PAW BUTTER and ELBOW BUTTER.

Boo Boo Butter™ is more of a salve and has a lot of healing, helpful herbal infusions that are not necessary for most noses. I add Argan Oil, Neem Oil and a different blend of essential oil. Neem oil is very powerful, but also has a stronger smell, so I feel it would be too much for our dogs sensitive noses.

Kathy making NOSE BUTTERQ: Who Makes NOSE BUTTER?

A: Actually I do! Every single tube, tin and batch of Nose, Paw, Elbow and Boo Boo Butter is handcrafted individually by ME. I know you may think it would be easy to toss the ingredients in a bowl and pop it into tins, but trust me…there is a lot more to it than that.

So many factors can affect the outcome of handcrafted, organic products from humidity to variances in the consistency of the various ingredients to a drought in some far away land making one crop of an herb different from the previous season’s yield. That is part of the fun (and challenge) of working with organic products. I actually test some of each batch on my own dogs (and me). So, I suppose I should state that my products are truly tested on animals!

Each oil and butter has been chosen for a different property – some soak in faster than others, some have a larger molecule and act as a barrier to seal the ingredients and others have healing properties that help revitalize. Each ingredient was added for a very specific synergystic reason.

My husband finds it ironic that I do not cook (at all-ever), but I will tweak and ponder over and test my various butter recipes in a seemingly never-ending process. Like a Breaking Bad episode, but with legal stuff.

Hopefully this Nose Butter info was of help – as always, if you have a question, just ask!

Official Disclaimer: I only want the very best for you and your dog. Any info you find here is shared as information about The Blissful Dog products or information I have gleaned from reputable sources. If your dog has any other symptoms that suggest a vet check-up, or your guts says you should, please take your dog to the vet.