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Rich Bitch Luxury Bar Soap

French Bulldogs in wigs

Rich Bitch Luxury Bar Soap For Your Discriminating Diva Dog

Pampering for demanding dogs who require the very finest in know the one

She sniffs at a bit of steak and snarls at you. You should know she only eats medium-rare filet mignon from beer-fed steers from eastern Wyoming and you dared insult her with medium-rare filet mignon from beer-fed steers from WESTERN Wyoming. 

She glances at a new squeak toy with utter and complete disdain and recommends you squeak it yourself, if that is what you think constitutes amusement. 

She will literally knock the water bowl over if she sees you dared fill it from the tap. There are NO WORDS to express her horror. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani it must be.

While we call this soap RICH BITCH, it is perfect for the boy dog who demands the very best. 

    For those who prefer a G-Rated Dog Bathing experience, check out our Drama Queen line. SFW, we promise! 

    Drama Queen Luxury Dog Soap


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