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Dalmatian Drama Queen Luxury Dog Soap

Bathtime Drama For Your Melodramatic Dalmatian

The Dalmatian who refused to return to the dog park after the other dogs laughed at her when you faked throwing the ball and she fell for it.

Speaking of that discretion, she now no longer considers you trustworthy. You lied to her again and again and have crushed her trust in everything any human will do again. EVER.

This artisan handcrafted, all natural bar soap offers a luxurious bath with the hands-on feel of using bar soap. Luxurious sudsing, smells great and perfect for your Diva Dalmatian's desires.

While we call this soap Rich Bitch, it is also perfect for the Demanding Dude boy dog. Prefer a snarkier version of the label? Select Rich Bitch as your option.


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