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Bulldog Drama Queen Shampoo

Is Your Bulldog a Bit of a Drama Queen?

You Know The Bulldog Type...

  • The Bulldog who loves to get the other dogs at the dog park riled up and walks away when a fight breaks out
  • The Bulldog who taunts the dog next when no one is outside, then acts like he has no idea what's going on when that dog gets in trouble for barking
  • The Bulldog who picks at the cat until the cat explodes and then runs to you so the cat gets in trouble

THAT Overly Dramatic Bulldog

Prefer More Snark? Also available with Rich Bitch label for more sass with your shampoo.

Your Bulldog will luxuriate in our Rich Bitch/Drama Queen Shampoo. Formulated to cleanse, clarify and condition your dog's coat, while leaving your Bulldog smelling fresh,

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