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Brussels Griffon Drama Queen Luxury Dog Soap

Is Your Brussels Griffon Overly Dramatic? 

Remember the time she couldn't wait to get to Doggie Day Care so she could tell all the dogs how you forget her birthday? How that was The. Worst. Thing. That. Ever. Happened. To Her, yes that diva.

Or remember when your Brussels Griffon was convinced her heart had shattered into a million broken pieces when you commented and left heart-eyes on that "Cute Brussels Griffon with All the Followers" on Instagram's post? Your refusal to quit your job and devote yourself to her insta-career crushed her soul.

While we call this soap Drama Queen, it is also perfect for the Dramatic Dude boy dog who demands the very best. Prefer some snark with your dog soap? Choose our Rich Bitch label at checkout.

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