American Bulldog Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Supports Your Senior American Bulldog's Aging

Your American Bulldog has been a powerful presence in your life for quite a while. Then one look down and his muzzle and face is really grey! Your buddy moans and groans a bit when getting up from a nap. The excitement to go for a long run has diminished to a shrug and maybe a walk around the block. Your American Bulldog is getting old. 

Of course, you can feed a senior dog food, add supplements for joints and such, but did you know you can support your American Bulldog's cognitive function…naturally?

Age Well Senior American Bulldog Aromatherapy helps smooth the ragged edges of aging for your American Bulldog. 

    Tips, Hints and Suggestions for Using Age Well Dog Aromatherapy, Ingredients Info + Tips for Helping Your Senior Age More Peacefully Below in Videos & Tabs

    Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Product Info

    Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Product Info

    • Individually handcrafted, mixed and poured with reverence for your senior dog by The Blissful Dog in northern Minnesota
    • All natural and organic ingredients used
    • .45 ounce Plastic Roll-on Bottle
    • 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mist Bottle
    • Combo of roll-on & spray both for maximum effectiveness
    • Featuring Senior Dog of your breed choice on the label
    • Tucked in a gift bag with complete usage information brochure included

    Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Ingredients


    Age Well Aromatherapy supports your senior dog mentally and emotionally, allowing them to age more peacefully.

    • ROLL-ON CARRIER OILS jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil
    • SPRAY CARRIER distilled water and natural emulsifier
    • CEDARWOOD grounds and reduces panic
    • CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
    • FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
    • LAVENDER classic calming
    • VETIVER stress relief
    • BERGAMOT uplifts and balances
    • MYRRH relieves agitation and balances
    • YLANG YLANG balances overstretched nerves, uplifts
    • GRAPEFRUIT enlivens the mind
    • ROSEMARY promotes mental clarity
    • BLOOD ORANGE uplifts depression and levels mood swings


    How to Best Use Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

    Tips for Using Age Well Dog Aromatherapy 

    • Begin to apply when your dog seems disoriented, confused or anxious
    • Reassure your dog in a calm, gentle manner
    • Reapply frequently, as needed for your dog's peace of mind
    • Use Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Roll-on and Spray together to amplify results

    Using Age Well Spray Aromatherapy

    • Spritz over your dog's body from the ears back (don't spray in their face-dogs don't like that)
    • Alternate application: spray onto your hands and pet your dog. 
    • Spray their bedding, crate, inside vehicle prior to travel
    • Use as needed to support your individual dog as they age 

    Using Age Well Roll-On Aromatherapy

    • Roll on in a circular motion, inside your dog's ears
    • Or roll on their groin/belly area or throat (less hair in these areas)
    • Alternate application: roll onto your hands and pet your dog
    • Reapply as needed to help your dog be more peaceful and present


    Tips for Helping Your Dog Age More Blissfully

    Tips for Accommodating Your Aging Senior Dog

    From keeping exercise expectations real to grooming tips and suggestions, The Blissful Dog has tips for how to make life even better for your aging dog.

    Top Two Tips For Senior Dog Support

    A Dozen Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

    9 Steps To Happy, Healthy Golden Years For Your Aging Dog


    It's OK To Go, Saying Goodbye


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Great product

    My CreamPuff LOVES having the roller ball applied to her ears, tummy, and fur. I love to see her curiously sniffing the tube. In her old age, she has been struggling with some irritability and confusion, so it is such a relief to see her enjoy this product

    What wonderful news! We are thrilled that you took time out of your day to let us know how well our Age Well has been working for CreamPuff! - Kathy
    Loved it all!!!

    My dog loves the paw butter, it makes his paws so soft after just a couple of uses. I am very impressed and will continue shopping with The Blissful dog in the future.

    Not sure if it helped

    Not sure if it helped her. I Am using it on a 12 year old dog who went blind recently. She is exhibiting a higher level of anxiety than she did before she went blind. I was hoping it might calm her a bit. I need more time to decide if it is helping.

    Going blind would be anxiety producing for any of us, give her a little time. Our dogs are so resilient and adapt so much better than we often do, with time and your help she will adjust. My best advice would be to keep using it in the context of her being in a safe place. Apply and then sit with her a bit and comfort her and be there with her. As a Springer her sense of smell and hearing are even stronger and they will kick in to help her. We've had blind dogs over the years and by not moving the furniture around and making sure they had a clear path to get around helped them adapt. With such a huge life changing event as going blind, she is fortunate to have someone like you to help her adjust and feel secure. Let us know how she does, we're sending our best. Kathy & Everyone at The Blissful Dog
    💗My Nicky is very happy with this product!!!!

    It seems to be working. I put it on him the other day and I also sprayed his bed. He does have separation anxiety and he's also a nervous little old man. I only tried it a few times but the scent is great and he does stay in his bed when I spray it. I would send a picture but I don't know how.

    We're happy that Nicky is doing well with the Age Well spray. Just like we can get a bit more nervous as we age, so can our dogs, Nicky is so fortunate to have you taking care of him so well as he gets older. I'd love to see his picture. You can reply to this and attach the picture to the email, if you wish. -Kathy
    Love the scent!

    Dear Blissful Dog,
    Sadly, my pup did not live long enough to enjoy the benefits of the aromatherapy.
    I wish I had been able to use this with him more than once or twice to help him through the rough patches.
    However,, I have been known to spray a little on my hands from time to time to calm my own nerves. I find it absolutely delightful!

    We are so very, very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful face and he must have known you were doing everything you could to make his aging easier. Sending a hug from all of us. -Kathy
    Quality as promised

    Made my dog feel special to have her own products, and made me feel better that it was something to improver her health and longevity

    Thank you so much for leaving us the great review! We love hearing how well our products work for your dog! - Kathy
    Love the ease of applying the nose butter stick

    This is the only nose product we've found that has had any effect at all on Bella's poor dry nose.

    Boxer RELAX Calmed my Boxer

    Love this relaxing roll on, calms my boxer! Thanks, fast shipping!

    Boxer RELAX for Separation Anxiety

    I just received my Relax a few days ago! I have a 12 year old Boxer who has isolation anxiety when I leave with my other Boxer. So, I have been using this on her ears and it seems to be taking the edge off a little more! Just another tool in my tool box for helping my puppies out!

    Boxer RELAX Update

    Thanks, the glass roll on does come out easier, so much so it leaked do to heat in mailbox, lol...still love it. Thank you a billion times, will be ordering again can't go a day without it, my boxer Layla loves it, really calms her down from anxiety!!