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Where Is My Tracking Info?

  • Your tracking info is sent via email or SMS (you would have entered it at check out) when your package is picked up by the carrier. If you did not supply us with email address or cellphone number we have no way to send you the shipping info.
  • Check email and spam folder if you do not receive tracking within 48 hours of purchase (excluding holidays, weekends)
  • Save the email with tracking info until order arrives, it has a lot of "What To Do If" Info
  • International customers – Tracking Information stops in Chicago, IL 
  • If you can't find it contact us and we'll track it for you

If Your Order Is Taking Longer Than Expected

  • Track it, if you cannot find your tracking info, contact us and we will track it and send you info (check your spam folder first!)
  • Tracking is only as good as the individual mail centers and mail carriers are at scanning – give your package 2-3 days after last tracking update to arrive 
  • Keep in mind that the moment USPS  accepts your package we have done our part. The has to do USPS their part. If this is a concern, upgrade to FedEx or UPS.

What To Do If Tracking Shows Your Package As Delivered & You Don't Have It

  • If the tracking info says package was delivered and you don’t have it, don’t despair, we have options. We will NOT leave you hanging! Promise.
  • Sometimes postal carriers scan or mark packages as delivered, but you may not get it for another day or so. Annoying, I agree.
  • TIP! THIS WORKS! Print out the tracking info saying your package was delivered and leave it in mailbox with a note telling your carrier you did not receive the package and ask what you should do next (this works more often than you might think). Ask them to be your postal hero! I hear you groaning, but I swear this has worked many times!
  • Check with others in your household who may have it, I've had interesting experiences with packages that the other person who lives in the house (aka husband) forgot he picked up
  • Check with neighbors, especially if packages have been mis-delivered before
  • If no luck with any of these steps THEN contact us