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Senior Dog Support Articles

senior pekingese dogs

More Info On Supporting Your Senior Dog

Living with and caring for a senior dog is an honor and a privilege. Of course there is extra work, additional expense incurred and the inevitable heartbreak. But looking into the eyes of our senior dogs and seeing the love and devotion reflected back to us makes every bit of it so worth it.

Our dogs are vulnerable to the same effects of aging as we are...darn it! This page is your portal to several articles on caring for your senior dog that I've written or complied over the years. As many of you have, I've said goodbye to adored dogs over the decades and it never gets any easier. I'm sending each of your senior dogs an extra virtual treat and a hug.

Every single time I look at the image above of those two sweet Pekingese, my heart melts a bit. They remind of two elderly sisters who are still squabbling and loving each other! I hope the image brings you as much pleasure as it has me. 

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