Printing Your Year of French Bulldogs Calendar

french bulldog calendar

The Year of The French Bulldog 2019 Calendar Printing Tips

Of course, your French Bulldog will tell you every single year is the year of the Frenchie! To make sure you have a stress free process getting your calendar printed the directions may seem a bit over-simplified. If you are an advanced PDF printing phenom, skip what you know and I admire your talents.

Here are a few tips for easy, no-fuss printing.

Nuts & Bolts

1) Download file (remember where your downloads go)

2) Open the PDF in your choice of PDF reader

3) In most readers (Adobe, Preview) go to File and select Print

4) Select Print All (or whatever range you need). For just the months print pages 2-13.

5) Choose fit to page (you will have small white borders around the edges, as desktop printers do not print color to the edges

6) Make sure you have enough paper in printer. Bliss Tip - it will print better on cardstock or photo paper, but any white paper is just fine

7) Click print

8)Your calendar has a 3/4” (.75 inch) margin at the top of each page to allow room for hole punching, comb binding, disc binding, stapling etc. If you are punching holes to hang via nail/push pin measure 4.25 or 4-1/4” from either side for the center on US letter paper and down .50 or 1/2”

9) Hang it up as desired and bask in the glow of Frenchie perfection!

thank you frenchie

The Legalese

Ugh, I do so loathe this part, but here goes. In plain English, dont copy my hard work and don’t sell this material or any part of it. Don’t alter it or use bits and pieces for monetary gain. You have ourchased the rights to this material for your own personal use, please don’t share it. Of course only karma can keep anyone from sharing a PDF, but karma has kept me toeing the line for the last few years...gotta make up for the 80s.  No sense creating bad karma over a PDF. 

All of the French Bulldog images were created by me, Kathy Dannel Vitcak, and are copyrighted. They cannot be used in any manner, except within your copy of this calendar. 

TERMS OF USE: For Your Personal Use Only

  • You are licensed to use Year of the French Bulldog 2019 Calendar for your own personal use
  • Personal use means no part of this material may be used or altered for sale in any manner
  • Year of the French Bulldog 2019 Calendar may not be used in advertising
  • Year of the French Bulldog 2019 Calendar may not be redistributed, resold or relicensed

Thank you for your understanding of this part. I wish this wasn't a part of the world we live in, but it is. 



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