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Bliss Tips | How To Apply Nose Butter to Stubborn, Flat-Faced Dogs

Apply Nose butter


Be a Nose Butter Ninja! Not a Heavy-Handed Head Lock!

TIPS & HINTS for Applying Nose Butter to Your Uncooperative, Stubborn Flat-Faced Bully Breed

Over the years we occasionally have a customer tell us their dog does not "like" the Nose Butter. It's not that they are finding the actual product offensive, but the process.

Bully and flat-faced breeds already have compromised breathing systems due to one of the very things that makes them so adorable...their flat faces. Nature tells them to keep their breathing open and unrestricted, so when they are controlled for you to apply Nose Butter, they resist. They are trying to protect their breathing!

Some dogs are triggered by being held tightly or controlled. This may come from puppy play, when they wrestle and play-fight. It's not fun for dogs (or us) to have siblings pile on and make us feel helpless. When we hold our dogs tightly they might remember that feeling and try to get away.

Fight or Flight

Most animals have two available methods of defense - fight or flight. Some instinctively prefer one to the other, but they like to have both options open. Most dogs will go for flight first. But our Bully and Mastiff breeds have generations of stand your ground fight bred into them and they will try to keep that option open.

Also, the Bully temperament has it's own level of "I am the Bully Boss of All I Survey." If they feel over-powered or held down, they may struggle. Of course, not every Bully dog is that strong willed. Some will roll over on their backs and let you do anything. 

If at all possible allow your dog to be standing when you apply Nose Butter (or any of the Butters). That gives them a sense of being in control and having options. Think how a farrier shoes a horse. The horse thinks they are in control.

Bully-Centric Tips

One of the BEST TIPS EVER is to warm the product almost to the point of melting before application (put in pocket, bra or rub in your palm). Warming it allows it to be absorbed much more quickly, which means less time for you to hold on.

  1. Warm product to poit of melting
  2. Gently control your dog's face
  3. Hold by jowls with one hand and apply with the other
  4. Try not to use a head-lock - that is a big trigger
  5. Tag Team - have someone hold and you apply
  6. Apply the Nose Butter quickly, it does not have to be precise, just get it on there
  7. Treats, treats, treats!
  8. Check out video below for even more tips