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Your Dog Can Be The Blissful Dog of the Day! They'll Be Bliss-famous!

Simply purchase anything from The Blissful Dog and leave a photo review or email the review and photo to us and we'll handle it for you.

The Most Excellent and Blissful Goodies 

  • Your dog will be featured as The Blissful Dog of the Day on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, The Blissful Dog Blog + whatever else we think of 
  • Official Certificate of Achievement of The Blissful Dog of the Day Status will be mailed to your dog (yes, in the mail...with stamps) and is available for download
  • Badges/overlays for usage on photos 
  • An official membership card
  • Coupons for next purchases
  • Surprise Goodie Pack of SWAG (stickers, magnets, product samples)
  • More stuff as we think of it (that covers everything)