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Lagotto Romagnola Collection

Lagotto Romagnola

Lagotto Romagnola | As Delightful as the Truffles They Hunt

The Lagotto Romagnola is one of those breeds that is a total package. Absolutely adorable, they are covered in soft curls with a silky feel, plus they are that perfect size if under 35 pounds or so and wait for it....they are hypoallergenic. I told you, Total Package!

Lagotto Romagnolo has been interpreted as “lake dog from Romagna.” They actually DID come from the Romagna area of Italy and were talented hunters of water birds.  

The Lagotto is often called the Italian Water Dogs and Romagna Water Dogs. No matter what name you choose to call them, we call them enchanting! Now, with the marshlands of Italy disappearing the Logotto has become the ONLY dog breed specifically bred to hunt for truffles. We are delighted to add the Logotto to our list of Blissful Dogs.