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German Shorthaired Pointer Collection

german wirehaired and shorthaired pointer

Shop Everything German Shorthaired and German Wirehaired Pointer 

Everything Your GSP Needs To Look & Feel Their Blissful Best

Every product The Blissful Dog has with a German Shorthaired Pointer (and the German Wirehaired Pointer, of course) is available from this page. While your GSP or GWP may be pretty much a wash 'n wear kinda dog, they still need a few products to keep them looking and feeling their very best. Our Shopping Portal page showcases everything that features the GSP and GWP  on the label, plus, other products that may benefit your German Shorthaired & Wirehaired Pointers are included. We have a LOT of fun items featuring a GSP on the label!

GSP Factoids...Did You Know?

  • The GSP has webbed feet
  • The GSP coat is water repellant (well, to a degree)
  • The GSP is more popular in the USA than in Germany
  • The GSP has been clocked at 45 MPH
  • The GSP matures s-l-o-w-l-y and isn't considered grown until three years of age