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The bully butter is great. Louis, our 8 year old bulldog, was experiencing dry and cracking nose syndrome. Now he is healed and i am sure feeling better. Also, the “scent” of the packaging….I used to find it when i went to Dead shows. Can you tell me the name of the scent on your packaging and where i can get it.

ETSY Thanks ~ L.

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FOSTER FRENCHIE MUCH BETTER Also, I was given a gift for my foster Frenchie, Chaya. It was the “Nose Butter” and it really does help with taking away the dryness! I just wanted to say Thank You so much for such great products! ETSY You’re awesome! ~ Kathie K. Michigan

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BOO BOO BUTTER BETTER My wife placed an order with you and we received it on Tuesday. We appreciate the fast delivery and look forward to using your product which our Vet recommended for our beagle’s neck rash. He raises bulldogs and has a lot of experience with your product. We were delighted to receive […]

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NO MORE JAPANESE CHIN NOSE CRUSTS I wanted to tell you that I own 4 Chins and they had the worst nose crust until I tried your sample size of nose butter. It works so well and I need more so I’m buying the larger size today. ETSY Thank you for such a wonderful product […]

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