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Dirty Dirrrtty Pug Soap

Dirty Dirrrtty Pug Soap

Dirty Dirrrtty Pug Soap For Your Filthy Animal of a Pug

Our DIRTY DIRRRTTY DOG SOAP featuring that most photogenic of dogs...the PUG is now available. 

Pugs are everywhere! As darlings of the internet (who can resist those faces?), Pugs just lend themselves to memes and fun videos. Tilting head Pugs? Oh, yeah, LOVE them! So, it is only appropriate that we feature a filthy animal of a Pug on our Dirty Dirrrtty Dog Soap. 

This fawn Pug has obviously enjoyed a good roll in the mud, geesh, we sure HOPE it was mud, and is oh-so ready for a bath.

Grab a bar of our handcrafted Dirty Dirrrtty Dog Soap with the extra secret cleansing agent of good old fashioned coffee grounds, and get your filthy beast of a Pug clean! Of course, we offer other breed labels and YES the soap is the same recipe for all the breeds. Dirty Dirrrtty Dog soap with a Pug label is the same as Dirty Dirrrtty Dog Soap with a filthy Frenchie. The labels are just for fun. 

DIRTY, DIRTY DOG DOG SOAP Get that dirty dog shiny clean FAST! The extra cleaning, smell-cutting power of coffee is the key! Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Coffee + Cedarwood, Cypress and Orange