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Chocolate and Dogs – Spooky Combo

Chocolate and Dogs

Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs? How Much Chocolate Is Too Much?

Halloween is right around the corner and that means chocolate sitting in bowls right by the front door. This can be an open invitation to your dog to gorge on a food that is definitely NOT a treat for them.

A few years ago a dear friend called and was very distraught. Her dogs had eaten expensive, all natural chocolate and were deathly ill at the vet. This chocolate was almost pure cocao and their hearts were racing and they were very, very sick dogs. She immediately rushed them to the vet, as she knew that was the deadliest form of chocolate for dogs. They stayed for several days, but all did end well and they survived this disaster without lasting ill effects, thanks to her quick actions.

The Facts On Chocolate & Dogs

We have all heard chocolate is bad for dogs, but how much and what kind? "My dog ate some chocolate, what do I do?" is one of the most common pet poison center calls during the holiday season. Here are some of the latest facts and figures on what kind of chocolate is bad for your dog. It is all based on the type of chocolate and body weight…read on!

Why is chocolate bad for dogs? The danger lies in the caffeine. Chocolate is made from cocoa, and cocoa beans contain a lot of caffeine and a chemical compound called theobromine. Dogs absorb, or metabolize, theobromine much slower than humans do.

Have you ever drunk way too much coffee, or an energy drink (or two) and had your heart race? What stays in us for a few minutes and makes for a bit of a buzz can be almost 24 hours and lethal for a dog. That is why their hearts race and they can actually die of heart failure!

It usually takes (100-150 mg/kg) of theobromine to cause a toxic reaction. Plus, there are variables to consider like each dogs’ sensitivity, their size and chocolate concentration. Below we have Tili, our Leonberger/Great Pyrenees cross who is almost 150 pounds and Gio, our English Toy Spaniel, at a sassy 15 pounds. The difference is in amount of chocolate consumed for toxic levels is dramatic.

Think of it this way, our toy and small dogs are comparable to an infant and bigger to giant breed dogs an adult human. What would make an infant very sick may not affect an adult.

So, for example

  • A 15-pound dog (like Gio) could be expected to show symptoms of severe chocolate toxicity after eating 1 ounce of baking chocolate, 2 ounces of dark chocolate, or 4-5 ounces of milk chocolate 
  • A 150-pound dog (like Tili) might exhibit severe symptoms of chocolate toxicity after eating 7 ounces of baking chocolate, 19 ounces of dark chocolate, or 43 (2.6#) ounces of milk chocolate

The Math of Chocolate & Your Dog

Here is a quick, rough comparison:

  • Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz.
  • Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz.
  • Baker’s chocolate 390mg/oz.
  • Pure Healthy/Specialty chocolate even more!

Using a dose of 100 mg/kg as the toxic dose it comes out roughly as:

  • 1 ounce per 9 pound of body weight for Milk chocolate
  • 1 ounce per 3 pounds of body weight for Semisweet chocolate
  • 1 ounce per 1 pounds of body weight for Baking (or high-end gourmet) chocolate.

So, for example

  • A 15-pound dog (like Gio) could be expected to show symptoms of severe chocolate toxicity after eating 1 ounce of baking chocolate, 2 ounces of dark chocolate, or 2 ounces of milk chocolate 
  • A 150-pound dog (like Tili) might exhibit severe symptoms of chocolate toxicity after eating 7 ounces of baking chocolate, 19 ounces of dark chocolate, or 22 ounces of milk chocolate

Here is a GREAT charton which foods have the highest concentration of chocolate and EXACTLY how much chocolate will hurt your dog. Bookmark that chart, it could really save a dog’s life!

Clinical Signs Your Dog May Exihibit

  • Hyper-excitability (frantic)
  • Hyper-irritability (snapping)
  • Increased heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • Increased urination
  • Muscle tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If you suspect your dog ate chocolate or find evidence they actually did follow these steps.

  • Determine the type of chocolate eaten (baking, milk, gourmet, semisweet)
  • Determine the amount of chocolate eaten
  • Haves rough idea of dog’s weight
  • Call vet if there is any question about toxicity levels
  • Follow vet’s directions (for example: induce vomiting, wait & see, immediate trip to vet)
  • If in doubt head to the vet with your dog

There is no real cure or antidote for chocolate poisoning. Once again, CALL THE VET and ask if you should induce vomiting immediately. This can be done with syrup of ipepac or a hydrogen peroxide/water mixture. Only do this if you are comfortable doing so, under your vet’s direction.

If in doubt – Do not hesitate to GO TO THE VET! They can administer activated charcoal, which may stop or slow down absorption of the toxin. An anticonvulsant might be needed, your vet will be able to determine that. Oxygen therapy, intravenous medications, and fluids might be needed to protect the heart. YES, this is a big deal!

Once again – If you suspect your pet has ingested baking or high-end gourmet chocolate contact your Vet immediately! Tell them the exact chocolate your dog ate and they will advise as to whether a vet visit is indicated.

The answer to is chocolate bad for dogs? is a resounding YES, just know your chocolates to know what to do. If your Lab ate one Hershey’s Kiss, they will be fine. If your Chihuahua ate a small bag of Hershey’s Kisses, call the vet.

And best advice of all – never, ever leave chocolate out where your dog can get to it. All the more reason to eat that chocolate now. It is for the good of your dog’s health!

Link to Chocolate Toxicity Chart again.

The post Chocolate and Dogs – Spooky Combo appeared first on The Blissful Dog® Inc.. October 9, 2013, was revised October 16, 2018 and October 9, 2020 for new recommended rates of toxicity.

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