EVIL French Bulldogs…Yes…EVIL!

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

It is still pretty dismal outside here…some snow, lots of mud and kinda just dreary. But we actually had a nice sunny day and the temps were in the 40s. So I decided to bring the Frenchies out and let them play while I fed the alpacas. What was I thinking? Of course, Money, Mudd and EZBoy stayed right beside me, like good little dogs.

Nink Nink and Favor were a bit farther away than I wanted, but I was watching them as I threw hay and chatted with the alpacas…then in the blink of an eye, I did not see those two! I called their names and did not see any movement or fat Frenchie bodies against the snow in the area they had run off to.

So, I hustled the three GOOD dogs back into the house and started looking! I stumbled through the snow, calling their names and I valiantly tracked them back into the woods. I was pretty proud of myself for even thinking to track them. I felt ever-so Davy Crockett! Then I saw bear tracks and that was it…they were on their own.

I beat feet back to the house and told Steve what I had seen. After he picked himself up off the floor from laughing, he declared those were not bear tracks. How he thought he knew is a mystery to me. OK, he followed me and looked at the tracks…then admitted they might be bear tracks, but they were days old. JUST ADMIT I AM RIGHT…I pleaded to no avail. So, he took off on the 4-wheeler, leaving me to rassle the bear I knew was lurking in the woods. After a couple more rounds of walking in areas I felt were safe I heard Steve holler the wayward girls were home.

Who knows how long they had been lounging on the back porch. I informed them that their Glory Days of Freedom were over and they were under house arrest. Moral of the Story…never trust a fat Frenchie with spring fever!

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