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EZ Boy - No Self-Pity in Dogs

EZ Boy, CH. Meneer Jackpot! Du Petit Fripon was a happy, scrappy, healthy French Bulldog until one day about two years ago. He just did not get up one morning. Nothing dramatic, no injury, we will probably never know, he just could not stand on his rear legs.

All we know is he went to bed with his BFF Nink Nink and was paralyzed the next morning. So, we rushed him to the vet who gave him a shot of pred and told us to call the University of MN if he did not get better. The next am, he was no better, so I called the U and was saddened by their complete lack of a sense of urgency about EZBoy’s condition. I had heard of another vet in Duluth who did spinal surgery, as this is a VERY specialized surgery, just like in people. I called Dr. Dougherty and he cleared his schedule for the following morning and told me to get right in. That made us feel soooo good. Dr. Dougherty was so very kind and had an amazing crate-side manner.

So, we opened a charge card (sigh) and EZBoy and I zipped the four hours over to Duluth. He had his surgery and was back in just a few days. It was one heckuva surgery and I was pretty horrified by the extent of the incision – yikes – looks like some bad plastuc surgery I have seen on a few people. Anyway, I kept him quiet beside my desk for the recommended time and then EZBoy let me know he was ready to be FREE!

EZBoy started scooting around like some deranged Sci-Fi channel creature…all over the house and FAST! It was shocking to be honest…he could out run me! No jokes, please!

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