EZBoy…Scrappy Dude

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 1 min read

 Yep, that is EZBoy running (scooting) away from me today. He slipped past me and took off to play in the snow!

EZBoy is still a scrappy, bossy, ECW kinda little dog. He might be little and paralyzed, but he does not back down from anybody! We have decided he is like one of those crazy Frill Necked Lizards that puffs up and chase great big other animals to make them think they are tough. He puts on his CRAZY FACE and goes after any dog that LOOKS at his food bowl, walks NEAR his food bowl, or THINKS about eating EZBoy’s food….

Now Money, who has at least ten pounds on EZBoy is terrified of him and goes to great lengths to not come near EZBoy. Money will walk all around the house in a huge loop, around the back of the fireplace to not get anywhere near that crazy crippled dog. Sometimes EZBoy will wait and HIDE and jump out and chase Money! I know it is not very “PC” but we laugh and laugh as EZBoy chases Money (who by now is yelping) around and around the house.

Steve always teases Money about that crazy crippled dogs kicking his ass…ahhh, the winters are long up here and we take our laughs and entertainment where we can get them. Oh, no French Bulldogs were harmed in the making of this post.

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