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Hmmm, can EZBoy WALK?

April 29, 2009

Like I mentioned, we just do not have access to a physical therapist for dogs here in the big woods, but we have been working with him. Like using the Young Living Oils. As time has gone by, we noticed him using more and more of his back legs…but mostly to balance. Like when he eats, he stands four square and eats or drinks! He takes these funny steps and often pivots around (that is fun to watch).

But he never seemed to try and WALK. This summer, one of our guests who is a physical therapist (for people), did an exam of him and said that he HAS the muscularity to be able to walk again…he just does not TRY. Now to people that seems insane…if we could walk why wouldn’t we! But to a little dog, who only lives in the NOW, why bother!

EZBoy probably figures that he gets around just fine, thank you very much, and would have to go s…l…o…w to learn to walk all over again, so he would rather scoot!

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