What Is A Blissful Dog?

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A Blissful Dog is a happy, healthy dog whose owner is their best friend, caretaker, companion and advocate. A Blissful Dog eats a carefully chosen diet that best suits their personal needs. A Blissful Dog has a life filled with love, enough exercise and rest, and then more love. A Blissful Dig can be any breed, any mix of breeds or a dog whose lineage is purely eclectic…none of that really matters. What matters is that they are loved…unconditionally!

Yes, I know that most of our tins feature a recognizable breed, but we will also custom create a label just for you (for a small fee), just ask!

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Fear of the 4th of July & Thunderstorms

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For dogs with a fear of thunderstorms, spring and summer and the infamous 4th of July fireworks can be super scary events. Fear can range from a bit of nervousness and unease to sheer “tearing at the walls, yelping and peeing everywhere” panic.


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THE BLISSFUL DOG WEBSITE UPDATE & OVERHAUL I know, I know, nobody really cares about all the nuts and bolts parts but me and my team. Alycia and Ashley act like they care, but I suppose they have to since I pay them. Hahaha. Anyhow, if you’ve shopped with us before you may have noticed […]

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BOSTON TERRIER NOSE BUTTER REVIEW Never even heard of NOSE BUTTER until about two weeks ago. Once we started searching for something to help my Boston terrier we luckily stumbled upon it. The pictures below are over a four day time frame. Never in a million year would I have thought that the nose butter […]

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