Intense Name for a Crusty, Yukky Nose Condition

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Nasodigital Hyperkeratosis

There are a variety of different conditions that can affect our dear little flatter faces ones noses. Some of them can just plain have a dirt, encrusted nose. Some get a buildup of food (and treats) on their noses, which can be a really ugly mess. Both of these can be frustrating to get rid of, as our dogs do not usually want to have there cute faces messed with.

There is also a true “medical condition” that can affect many dogs, not just flat faced ones.

Nasodigital hyperkeratosis is characterized by hard, dry, and often cracked tissue on the nose or footpads. The appearance of the growths varies from regular to irregular projections of firm, feathered, and cracked horny tissue. The affected surface is dry and subject to painful and uncomfortable fissures and cracks. In many cases, just the edges of the nose or footpads are affected. In some dogs, however, the entire nose or footpad area can be affected.

Ongoing treatment is either continual (one to two times per week) or occasional as the growths recur.

Once it develops, nasodigital hyperkeratosis is a lifelong condition that needs some form of maintenance therapy.

I have personally had a couple of dogs that had this condition and my Nose Butters have made a dramatic difference in keeping this at bay! After just a few days of treating noses with my The Blissful Nose nose butters…they literally had great looking, pliant nose leathers.

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