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Housetraining Tips & Hints

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You have now been warned, Frenchies, Pugs, Boston terriers and many other companion or toy breeds can be a bit “stubborn” when it comes to housebreaking. Be patient! They will “get it!”. It will take patience, perseverance, attention and lots of paper towels, but they will get it. Some dogs take longer than others, just have faith. I personally believe that the breeds which were “developed” to simply be adored companions just assume we are here to clean up after them and they expect us to do just that!

First decide the method you will be using and stick with it. If you are in a 77th floor condo in Chicago, you might want to train the puppy on wee wee pads. It will just take too long to get the puppy down and out to do their business. We live on far northern business and when we used to have puppies we trained them to go on paper. Fifty below w/o wind chill is too cold for them to have to go out..period! So, decide…paper or outside!

Start house training IMMEDIATELY! Get him on a regular feeding schedule and makes plenty of trips outside. When the puppy runs around like he is looking for something – he is! Take him immediately outside (or to the paper). Upon waking from sleeping, right after eating and anytime you just get home take him out or to his paper. Also, right before you go to bed.

Accidents WILL happen. If you catch him right in the MIDDLE of the act rush him outside (or to his paper). It does NO good to rub his nose in it (old mean wives tale). Do not yell at him when you discover a mess, they will not understand why you are angry. Trust me, their memory is not that long.

Every puppy has it’s own rate of learning, but even the most stubborn puppy should be pretty reliable by four to five months of age. I have had the best success when I installed a doggy door and they were able to come and go at will. If this is an option, it may be your best bet!

Oh, by the way….Did I say, be patient?

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