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My Dog’s Nose Is Dry…Is He Sick?

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You are sitting and petting your best friend (as you should be) and realize his nose feels a bit warm and dry. Once, a long time ago, an Old Wife told you a Tale (or is that tail?) about that meaning your dog is sick. Do you call the vet? Do you faint? What to do?

Being a good pet parent means knowing when your dog needs to go to the vet, when you can treat at home, or when you can just go on about your day…Twittering or whatever.

Since your dog cannot tell you how they are feeling, unless you are really tuned into them, you need to learn how to differentiate.

The “warm nose myth” has many pet owners feeling that their pet has a fever, or is sick, if the nose is warm and dry. A dog’s nose may be very wet, cool and perfect one moment then be warmer and not-so-moist the next. All within a few minutes, or a day…all just fine.

Changes in texture, becoming crusty or flaky and color of a pet’s nose should be looked at by your vet. A dry, cracked nose, with loss of pigmentation, scabs or open sores should be examined by your veterinarian NOW. A sick little dog will not be so Blissful, sigh and will often have a warm, dry nose in addition to other symptoms, such as: lethargy, decreased or absent appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and so on. In the absence of other physical signs, there can be dermatological (skin) problems that can be seen in this area, such as Pemphigus Foliaceus.

Other nose conditions to be aware of…

Contact sensitivity: Allergies and sensitivities to plastics and dyes may also manifest as changes on the nose and muzzle area on pets fed from plastic dishes. Rather than take a chance use stainless steel, glass or ceramic bowls are also just fine…plus, some of them are gorgeous!

Nasal discharge: Anytime your pet shows signs of a “runny nose” or the dreaded SNOTS he or she should be examined by your veterinarian. Coughing, sneezing and difficulty breathing can be signs of anything from a respiratory infection to a nasal foreign body to a tumor in the nasal passages.

Sunburn: If one of your dogs has a lighter nose, you may want to consider sunscreen.

Well…I hope this has helped give you some insight on a subject near and dear to my heart…DOG NOSES!!!!

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