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Pets and Crystals – The First Steps

May 21, 2009

Yes, crystals are an amazing tool to put into your toolkit for working on your pets! Crystals can help you and your dog reduce stress, balance your emotions, clear blockages, and find a place of complete balance.

When working with your dog remember they react to pain or discomfort, they will move away, hide the pain, or even show various levels of aggression. So you know you will need to be calm, centered and at peace with the work. If you are afraid of the dog biting you…oh, yes, they will pick up on that energy! Take some time for meditation, calming and centering yourself before you begin to work with your dog.

The innate nature of crystals is to amplify the effects, so please take the time to gauge your individual pet’s reaction. Very subtle signs can appear; ears back, a hint of a lip lift, stegosaurus back, trying to get away, my Newfoundland gives me a LOOK when he is absolutely through with me messing with him. Open your energy and allow your dog’s energy to move into your energy field.

Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for the animal to integrate, or be too intense and may cause pain and other discomfort. STOP when they give you the sings that it is too much, too fast!

Various stones produce different effects shown through your animal’s behavior the effects of each on pet energies, essentially the same as those on humans. Rose quartz for example is good for a pet that has been wounded or recently had surgery, as it surround it with love and healing vibrations, according to leading writers in the field, such as Melody, who wrote “Love is in the Earth” (Earth-Love Publishing House). We will chat more about the various stones tomorrow…for now, just read and get an idea of HOW to use the stones.

Hold the crystal in your hand, and start a few inches away from the area of concern, then rotate the crystal clock-wise in a circle over the area. Send healing energy to the area and hold the intention that the greatest good of healing energy is flowing through to your dog.

However, if you put too many crystals around your pet they may feel disoriented.

More tomorrow!!!

As always, seek the best available competent medical advice for your pet or animal. It is not intended information to replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinary.

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