Dogs and Kids

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

As you probably know, we also have a wonderful little resort nestled in the big woods of NW Minnesota, Dancing Bear Resort. We are blessed to have many, many guests that return year and year…and their first questions are always, “How is Mudd? How is Deuce? Where is Zoe?”

They ask about our pets before they ask about fishing, US or the weather. First and foremost is to ask how are our animals. That always makes my heart just explode with warmth! The knowledge that people truly have an innate love for the companion animals we share our lives with is powerful, isn’t it?

Zoe, our Great Pyrenees, was supposed to be an alpaca guard dog…but she had other ideas. She came into our lives when she was eighteen months or so old, so she had her own ideas already…nothing we said or did was going to make any difference to HER! Zoe greets our guests and virtually every week she chooses a family to adopt. Usually it is a family with younger kids, as if by sleeping under their cabin she will protect them from any real or imagined scary “stuff.” I will look out of my window and see her with three or four little kids hanging all over her…she looks very stoic, she does know that eventually they feed her – hahahah!

Zoe also literally turns her bowl of dog food over, as her meals are cooked with love for her pretty much all summer. I have been told she prefers her eggs sunny side up and her bacon just the teeniest bit crispy.

The only thing that scares Zoe are LOUD NOISES, fireworks, gunshots, car backfires…one loud noise and Zoe flies down into the basement and hides behind the old furnace. I immediately apply some of my The Blissful Dog Vibrational Essence HUG to her and just sit with her a bit and calm her down. Just sitting with her and using the HUG makes all the difference in the world, I promise. The Blissful Dog Shop“>Click here for more on HUG.

Everyday I am thankful that Zoe decided her work here at Dancing Bear Resort involved much more than guarding alpacas!

Blatant Sales Plug…Visit The Blissful Dog Shop and grab a bottle of our Vibrational Essence – HUG or RELAX – perfect for helping your dog through the stress and fear of the upcoming 4th of July and summer thunderstorms!

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