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Dogs and Their Personalities

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As you may know, we have a small resort in NW Minnesota, Dancing Bear Resort, and of course we are Dog Friendly! So, we get to see all sots of “dog on dog” interactions. Zoey, our Great Pyrenees, has assumed the mantle of Boss Dog and every dog who comes on the property seems to realize it. There is the occasional bristling of some hair along the backs of new dogs, but Zoey just stands taller…and taller. And at well over 110 pounds she is pretty imposing! Plus, her innate Great Pyrenees dignity adds to the image of CONTROL, and yes, all CAPS!

There are weeks in which every single cabin will have at least one dog and sometimes more and they all get along. Since we are in a pretty secluded area, dogs can be off leash. Our only rule is that we have final say…and we often leave that up to Zoey! She will stand over a dog that is acting out a bit and give them a LOOK and problem is usually solved.

I have found that as long as the dogs are treated with dignity, respect and a dose of common sense, all is well. When owners get all flustered and flap hands…then the dogs become agitated. But overall, our guests…two legged and four are an amazing group!

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