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What Exactly ARE Vibrational Essences?

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Vibrational Essences – What are they? How do they work? How can they help you?

I will be the first to admit that the very idea of the dew shaken from a flower, or water that sat in the moon on a glacier, being able to help me tackle emotional issues is pretty ridiculous. At first thought there is nothing about it that makes sense. But at first thought, who would have ever thought that injecting a virulent into wrinkles would be as prevalent as it is. So, Botox aside, I have decided that I do not care how or why something works, as long as it works and does no harm…hey, I am all for it! THAT is why I believe so strongly in the efficacy of Vibrational Essences, especially for our pets, as they have no mental blocks…it wither works or NOT for them! So, let us look a bit more closely at just HOW they do work.

Essences are based on plants, gems or minerals. Each essence has a particular vibration or resonance characteristic of the matter it is made from and that resonance corresponds with particular emotional, physical and spiritual attributes. Whew, I know…but think about it. Sunflower essence is used for brightening up and allowing light into our lives. Duh.

Essences use very subtle “healing” that works on the energy centers of the body, balancing the energy flow. They are effective in removing negative ideas, blocks, negative emotions and releasing past (and past-life) traumas. Essences are also effective in supporting and assisting people to move forward in more positive ways.

Dr Edward Bach discovered flower essences in the 1930’s. His essences are the Bach Flower essences, but many other essences have been discovered and developed since then. The essences I use are the Alaskan Project Essences and Isha Lerner’s Essences. I adore the Alaskan ones, as the growing season is so short it condenses more energy into the flowers, plus, I feel as there is more connection between the triad of flower, mineral and environmental essences.

Using vibrational essences can be a gentle, yet effective way of bringing balance into your body healing issues and patterns that are often below consciousness to bring lasting change. Working on a subtle level essences assist in removing negative emotional and mental habits clearing the way for a more positive relationship with your body. All this with NO drugs or chemicals.

“The Alaskan Flower Essence Project is the only essence company in the world that has designed a system of vibrational healing based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms. This threefold system derives its effectiveness from the special qualities of healing energy that each kingdom has to offer, and from the synergy that is created when these essences are used together. Following is a brief introduction to the three different types of essences in our system (further information is available on the pages introducing each group of essences).

Flower Essences – The plant kingdom occupies the central role in this co-creative relationship, bringing the gift of spiritual consciousness to the earth. Essences made from flowers awaken dormant qualities of consciousness within us and stimulate the release of blockages that prevent us from fully integrating this higher consciousness into our daily lives.

Gem Elixirs – The mineral kingdom helps us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences. Just as the rocks and soil of this planet provide structure and stability for the growth of the plant kingdom, gem elixirs stabilize and restructure our energy systems so that our physical bodies can maintain their balance as the consciousness within us grows and expands.

Environmental Essences – The gift of the elemental kingdom is energy for change. The environment, through the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, supplies vital nourishment for all living things. Essences made from the environment provide the potent qualities of energy we need to create and sustain change at the core level of our beings.” This bit of info from The Alaskan Essence Project website.

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