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What a GREAT Week – Frenchie Fun Camp was a HOOT!

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I will admit here at the beginning, that this year we kinda played more with our Frenchies. There were no obedience classes, no CGC tests, no lessons on conformation…nope, none of that. Just as our Frenchies are getting a bit older, so are WE, and in dog years that makes us even older…hmmm, I don’t think I want to go down that particular stretch! It was fulfilling to work on our arts and crafts, chat, listen to each others tales/tails about life and just enjoy the company of friends.

The dogs enjoyed meeting new faces (and butts) and just be-ing outside. The weather was absolutely perfect, never could I have imagined that every single day was more picture perfect than the day before. Perfect weather for people and French Bulldogs.

Just be-ing with others who completely adore their dog companions; no reservations, no excuses, no shame, was delightful and heart swelling. To see the looks on my dear friends faces as they played with their dogs, or just sat with them on their laps (and there was plenty of that), made all the years of stress and anxiety that is part of having bred dogs for so many years worth it. The sleepless nights, the sorrows inherent in breeding dogs, and the snarkiness that can be a part of the sport of purebred dogs drifted even further into the recesses of my memory (hopefully one day soon, I will remember only the good parts). The sheer love that my friends here had for their dogs makes my eyes tear and my throat tighten…

The bond between humans and dogs is a treasure, something to be held close to our hearts and protected.

Ahhhhhh…counting the days until next year’s Frenchie Fun Camp.

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