EZBoy May He Rest In Peace

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Well, my dear friends, I have just not had it in me to blog about this, but I want to share with you the news that our EZBoy passed as a result of the bladder stone surgery. It has been a week or so, I am sure you all understand. He was such a warrior, he made it through the surgery and we picked him up the next day. He seemed a bit disoriented at the vet, but they assured me it was just the recovery phase he was in. So, Steve and I took him home and made him super comfy in a fluffy bed in his x-pen right beside the tv. He settled in and we gave him his medicine and comforted him throughout the night.

The next morning as I was getting dressed Steve came into the bathroom and told me EZBoy had passed. Steve then du his little grave next to my beloved Deuce. We put his little wheels on top of his grave for his tombstone…may he be running free on the Other Side.

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