Dogs Have Have Chakras, too!

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 4 min read

Dog Chakras – Your Dog’s Energy Centers

You are probably saying…”Chakras, my dog?” and yes, they DO have energy centers and why not? They are energetic beings! I will share a brief overview of the human chakra system, but there are MANY web sites and books on this subject. Google it.

CHAKRAS Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. They are centers of whirling energy, located along the center of the body. There are seven Chakras that govern our psychological properties. The three chakras located on the lower part of the body are our basic survival needs, the four above are more psychological.

The chakras can have various levels of activity. When they’re open, balanced or aligned the chakras are considered working as they should. Ideally, all chakras would be balanced. Instincts would work with our feelings and thinking. However, this is usually not the case. Some chakras are not open enough (being under-active), and to compensate, other chakras are over-active. The ideal state is where the chakras are completely balanced. This is as true for your dogs as it is for you! Especially since they pick up and take on so many of our emotions.

There are a lot of techniques to balance the chakras. It makes no sense to try to make over-active chakras less active, as they are compensating for other chakras. To restore the compensation they would become over-active again immediately. The chakras they are compensating for must be opened to balance things.

Most agree that there are seven major chakras and for simplicity’s sake, we will work with that system for now for our dogs. I do feel that additional Chakras are located in their paws, more information on our dogs additional chakras can be found here.

Root Chakra – Color: red Stone/Crystal: Carnelian, red jasper, garnet, ruby (for energy) and obsidian, hematite, jet (for grounding) or clear quartz. The Root Chakra is about being physically there and feeling at home in situations.

If the Root Chakra is open and balanced, your dog probably feels grounded, stable and secure and does not distrust people. They are confident and feel they have sufficient territory. If your dog tends to be fearful or nervous, their Root chakra is probably under-active. If this chakra is over-active your dog may be very greedy, a toy or food bowl guarder, possibly obsessed with being secure and resistant change.

Sacral Chakra– Color: Orange Stone/Crystal: Citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye, clear quartz. The Sacral Chakra is about feelings and sexuality.

When the Sacral Chakra is open and balanced, your dog’s feelings flow freely, and are expressed without being overemotional or frantic. They are open to affection and can be loving and lively. If your dog tends to be stiff and unemotional or guarded, the Sacral chakra is under-active If this chakra is over-active, your dog may tend to be emotional all the time. They will be very emotionally attached to people and may have separation anxiety.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Color: Yellow Stone/Crystal: Citrine, yellow topaz, yellow amber or clear quartz. The Solar Plexus Chakra is about your dog asserting themselves in a group.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is open, you feel in control and you have sufficient self esteem. When the Solar Plexus chakra is under-active, your dog may be passive and timid. If this chakra is over-active, your dog may be domineering and probably even aggressive.

Heart Chakra – Color: Green for Healing or Rose Pink for Love Stone/Crystal: Malachite, emerald, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, rhodochrosite or clear quartz. The Heart chakra is about love, kindness and affection.

When your dog’s Heart Chakra is open and balanced, your dog is compassionate, loving and friendly, and you work at harmonious relationships. When your Heart chakra is under-active, your dog may be fearful, cold and distant. I personally do not feel there are over-active Heart Chakras

Throat Chakra: Color: Clear Blue Stone/Crystal: Turquoise, lapis lazuli, azurite, aquamarine, clear quartz. The Throat chakra is about self-expression and talking.

When their Throat Chakra is open and balanced, your dog will have no problems expressing herself and being understood. When this chakra is under-active, your dog may be introverted and shy. If this chakra is over-active, your dog will tend to bark or vocalize too much, usually to domineer and manipulate.

Third Eye Chakra – Color: Indigo Stone/Crystal: Sapphire, tourmaline, sapphire, sodalite, azurite and clear quartz. The Third Eye chakra is about insight and visualisation.

When the Third Eye is open and balanced, your dog will be intuitive and well balanced between the world of people and that of dogs. If it is under-active, your dog will not be not very good at thinking for herself, and you may tend to rely on you too much and might even get confused easily. If this chakra is over-active, your dog may live in a world of fantasy and only play.

Crown Chakra – Color: Violet or white Stone/Crystal: Amethyst, moonstone, sugilite, sodialite, fluorite, clear quartz. The Crown chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world.

When their Crown Chakra is open and balanced, your dog is quite aware of the world and her place in it. If it is under-active, your dog may be one of those that just does not fit in. If this chakra is over-active, your dog may worry too much and not take care of her own needs.

Dog Chakra Centers

Balancing Your Dog’s Chakras

Balancing your dog’s chakra system can be done in your home, by YOU. Of course, you can have a Reiki Practitioner do a full Reiki session on your dog and balance their chakra system and I share a couple of recommendations below. But you are totally capable of connecting with your dog and working on their energy system.

Learn How to Balance Your Dog’s Chakras Here

If you prefer to work with a professional here are a couple of Reiki Practitioners I recommend. They can work in person or via long distance.

REIKI for Dogs Recommendations

Kathi Luljak – The Gentle Hand Dog Massage

Mary Oquendo – Hands and Paw Reiki for All


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