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Paw Butter Redux

1 min read

Paw Butter has been an amazing product for The Blissful Dog, we know there are lots of happy dog feet dancing around with our Paw Butter on them. But I knew that it could be better and so I entered the Kathy Kitchen of Mad Science. Heaven knows I do not enter the kitchen for cooking meals – hehehehe. ANd…drumroll please…have tweaked the Paw Butter formulation just a bit. Actually, I added a bit more MN-grown organic beeswax to make it a bit more protective for our buddies’ paws. Plus, some Calendula infused oil, Grapeseed Oil, and other powerful goodies…you know the drill, if I told you everything…I’d have to…

Paw Butter is now a bit harder in the tin, the effect of that extra dose of beeswax, but it sure packs an amazing emollient whallop now! Enjoy and let me know what you think.

By the way, Paw Butter is not just for winter and snow and ice,  it is great for paws that are chapped and dry from hot summer sidewalks (ouch, ouch, just thinking about it!).

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