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The Blissful Dog Rescue Support Program

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As you may know, I bred French Bulldogs for almost 20 years (yikes), but am no longer breeding them and have not for some time. When I first started in the breed there maybe four or five rescue Frenchies a year. Now there are that many every single day when you count all the various rescue organizations working to save Frenchies. This is just one small example of one breed…I cannot imagine what volunteers in more popular breeds face or breeds that attract a less dedicated personality type (not being judge-just pondering).

With the advent of Facebook and social media in general, there have been so many new ways to raise money for helping the various organizations help the dogs, that my head spins trying to keep up! So, I developed a more structured plan to allow The Blissful Dog to maximize the support we can share with various rescue organizations.

If you are involved in rescue at any level, please feel free to share the link to The Blissful Dog Rescue Support page or even download the info PDF and send to the appropriate individuals. Thank you for that.

Part of The Blissful Dog Mission Statement is to give back to the “Dog Community” as much as we can and I am excited to present this program.

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